Keeping Children Safe From Guns

On average, every hour a child is rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Keeping Children Safe From Guns
Now, right here, our special report on children, neighbors, gun safety in our homes. So many American childhood dying in accidental shooting. Tonight, we ask you to join in, our national conversation on keeping them safe. David Muir has some parents who think the best way to teach children about guns is to put them in their hands at a very young age. Reporter: There are parents around the country who believe exposing their young children to guns is part of the solution. This is Charlie. Taking on a machine gun at age 4. We went to meet Charlie and his family and we found them at this gun party. Been to these parties before. This one, outside of Atlanta, where children learn to shoot. Ten years old, he's putting in his ear plugs. The buckets of ammo. They check his grip. He's ready. The 6-year-old shooting a .22. There are little girls, too, Jordan is 8. The assault rifle comes next. All of the parents, right there, Jennifer is Charlie's mom. I knew that he was safe, but it's actually funny, because in one part of the video, he looks to the side, to look at me to ask for permission, guns don't have to be bad. They're good, they're fun. Reporter: They're among the families in America who believe something else -- that putting guns in the hands of young children it takes away the mystery, it helps to diminish their curiosity. Charlie's dad argues that demystifying the guns is the key. Kids aren't properly trained to use guns, it's either, education or ignorance is the way that we look at it. Reporter: We traveled this whole country, parents there convinced demystifying the gun, letting their children hold it and shoot it helps to diminish that curiosity later when the parents aren't there. Part of this conversation is telling the difference between a real gun and a toy gun. We're going to examine that more tonight. There are pink guns on the market. Multicolored guns on the market. That's tonight. Have you ever asked your neighbors, when your kids over to play, have you ever asked them how they store their guns? Find out what happens as we go door to door tonight. Please join us, our full report on "20/20" "Young guns." Tonight at 10:00 eastern.

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{"id":22323914,"title":"Keeping Children Safe From Guns","duration":"3:00","description":"On average, every hour a child is rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. ","url":"/WNT/video/keeping-children-safe-guns-22323914","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}