Kentucky Bourbon Creating Jobs

Export of 'Made in America' goods could boost U.S. business.
2:51 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Kentucky Bourbon Creating Jobs
Everyone agrees one way to help revitalize the American job force is to sell more American products in foreign countries. But what have to -- to sell our home go home goods to those overseas billions of people with money to spend. ABC's Jon Karl talked to a pioneer in Kentucky. -- -- -- -- -- production exceeding sales breaking records for. Lots of new jobs were talking about her being a 100%. American made product. As old as America itself. -- since the end of prohibition hasn't been this much demand more. Sit out confined Kentucky's secret. What -- struggling American business has learned from the Bergen who. Production shot up 18% just last year and continues to soar. There are now more barrels of Corbin Kentucky and there are people that -- We asked the great grandson of Jim beam and flying at all. It means jobs -- jobs probably. Salado. Product around the world -- there's. And toast. After host. Pittsburgh after toast we found help urban created worldwide demand. Noticing -- slowing American market -- aggressively sought sales overseas. By improving quality and leveraging what makes them different. By definition urban can only be made in America her big idea selling -- -- by selling America itself. Breakdown of plastering America right on the bottles. Horses cowboys the Kentucky Derby result. Urban exports are booming now to 126. Countries and urban isn't the only American business tapping into the world's thirst. For Americana. -- marketing mobsters overseas sales softened three years in a row so popular in China they can't get enough of them and heat hot sauce pot overseas answering EU countries this year alone and California wine is now in demand in Europe. That's how you open your. Back in urban country maker's mark is banking only long who each bottle fifty waxed by hand tradition may seek new and -- -- -- I really don't. Today. If you find a bottle a little messed up now -- you'll know why. Jonathan Karl ABC news rental can talk.

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{"id":14901168,"title":"Kentucky Bourbon Creating Jobs","duration":"2:51","description":"Export of 'Made in America' goods could boost U.S. business.","url":"/WNT/video/kentucky-bourbon-creating-jobs-14901168","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}