Kenyan Shopping Mall Siege is Over

Officials are studying the photos of suspects in the hopes of gaining new clues.
2:48 | 09/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kenyan Shopping Mall Siege is Over
the siege at the shopping mall in kenya an the final search for hidden terrorists under way there. Also tonight we see some of the suspects in action. Everyone is studying the photos. Did some of the terrorists escape by hiding among the fleeing hostages. Alex marquardt is on the ground with the very latest for us in nairo nairobi. Reporter: This was the end game, the explosive conclusion to the four day siege. As troops swept through the mall looking for terrorists, one soldier tossed a grenade, then took cover, waiting for the blast. The president of kenya told the country the terrorists were defeated. Intelligence reports had suggested that a british woman and two or three american citizens may have been involved in the attack. We cannot confirm the details at present. Reporter: Today we saw the first images believed to show the attackers. A tweet allegedly posted by the terrorist group al shabab categorically denies the involvement of any women. But an eye witness told a different story. Instantly it was this is a woman. Reporter: Tonight there are reports that some of the attackers may have slipped out in the confusion on saturday as more than 1,000 people were evacuated from the 300,000 square foot mall. There are unforgettable stories and images of survival. This picture of a woman and two children taking cover. Then their rescue caught on tape. A man also lying on the floor crawls slowly to reach them. He picks up the little girl and then takes the young boy in his arms, crouching low as they run between kiosks towards safety. Across the atrium in the supermarket as shots rang out, 19-year-old dorcas mwangi hid for four hours under a pile of suitcases. Her brother texted her that the attackers were killing non m non muslims and sent her a prayer to memorize. I sent her a prayer. You would have been able to recite it. Yes. Reporter: She says it was her own prayer that got her through the ordeal. Honestly, I was praying the whole entire time. Reporter: There are still more than 50 people missing including civilians and terrorists buried under that rubble. Tonight kenya's president dispatched a forensic team to study the attack and determine which countries the attackers came from. Thank you alex marquardt in nairo

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{"id":20363377,"title":"Kenyan Shopping Mall Siege is Over","duration":"2:48","description":"Officials are studying the photos of suspects in the hopes of gaining new clues.","url":"/WNT/video/kenyan-shopping-mall-siege-20363377","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}