Keystone Pipeline: Why Obama Nixed It

President drops Bush administration proposal for oil pipeline from Canada.
1:23 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keystone Pipeline: Why Obama Nixed It
A lightning bolt from the White House calling an -- -- the Keystone Pipeline first proposed under the Bush Administration. It would be 17100 miles snaking through six states from Canada to Texas. Karen -- creating a lot of jobs the problem. The underground water in Nebraska which could be contaminated if there was a leak in the lives so let's bring in ABC's Jake Tapper now. Projects such an eruption of reaction from the president's critics saying he just lost 23000. US jobs for environmental bureaucracy. What are the facts. The facts are the pipeline as proposed would go through some very sensitive land so people in Nebraska including the Republican governor. And some environmentalists. Oppose the construction of the pipeline. As for for us. Let me ask you about the oil and Canada they have a lot of it and at least one Republican candidate argued today it'll go someplace else -- doesn't go south and through. The US down into Mexico is that case. There are talks about it going to China. Right now the Obama administration says they were looking for alternate routes that would would not intrude upon that sensitive -- in Nebraska but of course the clock is tick -- the leader of Canada the prime minister of Canada while I was very disappointed in today's announcement looking for alternate routes through the US. Through the US that's right just not going through that exact area of Nebraska.

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{"duration":"1:23","description":"President drops Bush administration proposal for oil pipeline from Canada.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15389916","title":"Keystone Pipeline: Why Obama Nixed It","url":"/WNT/video/keystone-pipeline-obama-nixed-15389916"}