Kids in the Car Just as Dangerous as Texting?

Australian researchers found that children in the car are more distracting to the driver than a cell phone.
3:00 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Kids in the Car Just as Dangerous as Texting?
And now we want to tell you about a study about distracted driving and children -- cause you to take your eyes off the road far more often than you think. We know that more than 172000. Children were killed or injured in car accidents from all causes and 2010. But tonight for drivers ABC's Paul Ferris agreed to take -- revealing test. In most of the country it's against the law to text and drive. But did you know studies have shown -- some -- just as dangerous. Here in the car. Bittersweet day day to see just how distracting back -- into could be we mounted cameras in my family's van. Document -- every angle of our weekly 25 minute trip to distort. I knew there were cameras probably even drove safer than normal -- traveling curry didn't and I. -- -- -- But asking Charlie Klauer -- risk expert at Virginia Tech to -- my performance it was historically. -- looks for something she calls eyes off the road here and -- glamour to accept retirement Cadillac. Look again in just two precious seconds my eyes were on my kids. Our main troubled half the length of a football field something terribly wrong -- just happened in Canada yes there. Distracted driving is thought to be the cause of 50%. Of all car crashes that Australian study -- -- average sixteen minute long trip. Parents spend a staggering three minutes 22 seconds looking a -- from the road that's like driving almost a quarter of the trip with something blocking your vision. And one of the biggest distractions. Kids in the back seat. Want to put my son -- -- -- his next hour I'll look back to grab it when my daughter tells me she keyed to the movies they just the dvd player. All the while keeping its unmanned in the rearview mirror what I'm doing here in the studio is -- -- Rates so parents do. First experts say set up -- -- through your kids know what to expect. An example they drop something make sure they know you can't pick it up until the car stops. Pull off the road first if we need to change the dvd or break up the fight and keep snack bag on hand if you can't feed the kids before you leave. One of the few things I did right. As a mother pilots -- difficult but keeping your -- in the port roadway and driving. I'm by far the most important thing. Keeping the peace in the back -- helping to keep the whole family safe. -- -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":18767698,"title":"Kids in the Car Just as Dangerous as Texting?","duration":"3:00","description":"Australian researchers found that children in the car are more distracting to the driver than a cell phone.","url":"/WNT/video/kids-car-dangerous-texting-18767698","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}