Knee Surgery Increase Among Boomer Women

More women staying active, more joint injuries later on in life.
2:17 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Knee Surgery Increase Among Boomer Women
More women are active later in life than ever before staying healthy and happy -- exercise. But the benefits also bring risks women blowing up their joints in middle age. And as ABC's Andrea canning reports that's caused a boom in new needs for baby boomers. Exercise for the over fifty crowd once looked like yes. By the eighties it was breaking a sweat with Jane Fonda. Then yeah. Blinks an adventure because you're over fifty and still exploring what would it be like for you having to -- a physical activity. I put me in the grade I couldn't I couldn't do it. But it's coming at a cost boomers like 52 year old -- -- -- Rucker who plays tennis skis and gardens are paying the price for their active lifestyles. Their hips and knees are breaking down. Much as your knee hurt when it hurts. -- -- a lot. Over the past decade knee replacement surgeries have more than tripled among 45 to 64 year old said it was always people in their seventies were saying an explosion of people between the age of even 4555. That are getting trying replacements now. And it's women making up the majority of those getting knee surgeries over 60%. Doctors say it's due to their increased activity combined with the naturally higher rate of arthritis and another problem for these women they put it off a little -- Men tend to go. Quicker maybe when they feel limited they wanted to have women tend to wait a little bit he says no one should think this is a quick fix it's -- serious surgery. If you wait too long it can lead to even more complications down the line. Sobering words for Nancy rocker who's already had a hip replaced she's now been warned that she can't wait much longer to replace her left need. Do you see the new replacement is as something of America I don't say see it America also necessity and I know -- there and that's what's gonna keep coming. How to would avoid knee surgery altogether doctors say -- power walking instead of jogging swimming is good to -- -- your on your joints. And rather than the same exercise every day you need to mix things up will help your body. In the long haul and remember don't wait to see the doctor of -- feeling that pain go -- -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15209928,"title":"Knee Surgery Increase Among Boomer Women","duration":"2:17","description":"More women staying active, more joint injuries later on in life.","url":"/WNT/video/knee-surgery-increase-boomer-women-15209928","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}