Knocking at the Taliban's Door in Qatar

Taliban fighters freed in Bergdahl exchange to stay a year in desert oasis.
2:01 | 06/08/14

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Transcript for Knocking at the Taliban's Door in Qatar
And of course, the other image that went global when those Taliban detainees were exchanged for bergdahl, the pictures of them being embraced when they landed in the wealthy nation of Qatar, where they will now live in villas, their families allowed to come live with them. But also in that Doha neighborhood tonight, ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross, asking how closely will those detainees be watched? Brian? Reporter: Good evening, David. It's been a week now since the five senior Taliban leaders arrived here, for what will be a year-long, all expenses paid stay for them and their extended families, amid the luxury of this tiny gulf country. Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world. And all the trappings of wealth and prosperity to prove it. The government here says it will provide the five former detainees with their own private villas for their stay over the next year. Much like this compound in a top residential neighborhood that it already has given the Taliban for its headquarters here. Hello? ABC news! No one answered when we went to the door of the Taliban office today. An armed police guard told us it was not possible to speak to the Taliban without an appointment. The government says it will keep a close eye on the five former detainees. But the chairman of the house intelligence committee told George stephanopoulos on "This week," the deal allows them too much freedom to communicate with other Taliban leaders. It allows them to prepare for what's next, and that's going to be join the fight. Reporter: But secretary of state John Kerry said on CNN today that Qatar won't be the only ones monitoring the five Taliban. I don't think anybody should doubt the capacity of the united States of America to protect Americans. So, these guys pick a fight with us, in the future or now or at any time, at enormous risk. Reporter: In a statement this weekend, the Taliban said the five former detainees will comply with the agreement, not to return to Afghanistan or to the battlefield over the next year. But 51 weeks from now, they apparently will be free to do just that.

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{"id":24050776,"title":"Knocking at the Taliban's Door in Qatar","duration":"2:01","description":"Taliban fighters freed in Bergdahl exchange to stay a year in desert oasis.","url":"/WNT/video/knocking-talibans-door-qatar-24050776","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}