Explaining a Director's Viral Meltdown

Family tries to explain naked outburst by director of documentary.
1:52 | 03/17/12

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Transcript for Explaining a Director's Viral Meltdown
More on that troubling image now racing across the Internet comes after that documentary pick up more than eighty million hits following the plight of child soldiers and Africa. Well now the filmmaker himself caught on tape naked and screaming out of San Diego sidewalk. Tonight his family is now responding to what -- and so many others have now seen with the filmmaker. Now in the care of doctors treating ABC's Ron Claiborn. What do -- do for a job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jason Russell is the face of a global movement director and narrator of the -- 2012 video that became an international viral sensation. His -- invisible children. Calls for the arrest of notorious African warlord Joseph -- has made him a hero to millions. Now Russell -- is in the spotlight for something altogether. Different in this video showing him running naked through a San Diego street. Pounding the ground but this fists and screaming. Many was going back and forth he would. Stop abruptly turned around start talking to someone who wasn't there at this point there are no criminal charges pending. Because were thinking that it's more of medical. Matter that needs to be taken care. The 33 year old was detained by police and is now hospitalized. In a statement Russell's organization invisible children said Jason Russell was suffering from exhaustion dehydration and malnutrition. He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. Russell's wife Danica said criticism of the film and the organization's finances have taken -- stole. Because of how personal the film -- she said many of the attacks against it were also very personal Jason took them very hard. So many people have been inspired by that video rod we heard the statement there from the family of the offer anything more well Russell is very religiously -- the family went out of their way to say at this behavior -- irrational. Was not a matter of his having used alcohol or drugs. Out of their way to -- no drugs -- -- involved.

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{"id":15946434,"title":"Explaining a Director's Viral Meltdown","duration":"1:52","description":"Family tries to explain naked outburst by director of documentary.","url":"/WNT/video/kony-viral-youtube-director-naked-meltdown-15946434","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}