President Obama in Korea

President Obama has his eyes set on North Korea.
1:19 | 03/25/12

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Transcript for President Obama in Korea
Portrait of President Obama that caught our -- today look at this President Obama appearing through binoculars there right from the DMZ that's that. Demilitarized zone between north and South Korea. He was -- those -- north and hoping to send a bold message in that direction too before tough talk coming on a nuclear North Korea. Jake Tapper is right there tonight. President Obama has his eye on North Korea. In South Korea for Nuclear Security Summit the president made his first ever visit this most heavily fortified border in the world. The demilitarized zone or DMZ separates North Korea from south Bill Clinton once called this the scariest place on -- It's even scarier today with the nuclear threat from North Korea. That regimes that it would consider any criticisms of its nuclear weapons program at the two day summit a declaration of war. As it prepares to test launch a long range missile next month in violation of international agreements North Korea will achieve nothing. By threats. Or by provocations. The launch maybe in the US will -- -- of vital package of food aid for the starving North Korean people. Held prisoner by their own government just across this dangerous border. Jake Tapper ABC news traveling with the president in Seoul South Korea.

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{"id":15999752,"title":"President Obama in Korea","duration":"1:19","description":"President Obama has his eyes set on North Korea.","url":"/WNT/video/korea-north-south-obama-president-nuclear-politics-war-us-15999752","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}