Possible Korean Reunification?

Kim Jong Un's rare television appearance startles the world.
1:59 | 01/01/13

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Transcript for Possible Korean Reunification?
We're going to turn overseas tonight and to a very rare public appearance making waves around the world. North korean leader kim jong-un, who took over from his father, has remained mysterious. Tonight, what we heard from him, we haven't heard before. Here's abc's akiko fujita now. Reporter: The new year came with fanfare in north korea. But this year, in a rare public address, kim jong-un's message was different. "This year, the entire korean nation should turn out a nation wild patriotic struggle for reunification," kim jong-un said. He's sent signals that he's going to move his country in new and different directions. This speech was that first step in that direction. Reporter: On the streets of pyongyang, residents predictably praised the first new year's address in nearly 20-year-olds. Kim jong-un's father shunned the public, speaking just once in his 17-year rule. Bpyongyang has gone to great lengths to project a modern, more outgoing image of their leader, seen here visiting an amusement park with his young wife by his side. He knows far more about the outside world than his grandfather or his father and that brings a completely new dimension to north korean leadership. Reporter: But kim's shown the same defiance as his father, successfully launching a long range rocket last month, a direct violation of u.N. Security council resolution. And he's shown no intention of abandoning pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. And akiko is with us here in new york tonight. And you talked with your experts on this. They tell you this was a message aimed right at america? Reporter: That's right. Analysts say this was an address that was addressed directly to the u.S. And south korea's new leader. With that rocket launch, we know that kim has a bigger hand at the bargaining table now. Perhaps something new afoot. Akiko, thank you. We're going to turn to pack stan now, where gunmen in the

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{"id":18109812,"title":"Possible Korean Reunification?","duration":"1:59","description":"Kim Jong Un's rare television appearance startles the world.","url":"/WNT/video/korean-reunification-18109812","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}