Lady Gaga Takes Anti-Bullying to White House

Pop singer meets with White House officials on behalf of young victims.
1:59 | 12/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga Takes Anti-Bullying to White House
Most recent numbers on bullying are staggering 160000. Children stay home from school every day to avoid bullies. One in fourteen years say their victims and one of America's most popular singers has become a powerful voice on their behalf. And today Lady Gaga took their cause to the top. Here's ABC's -- Davis on gaga at the White House. Thirteen years old and alone at 4 AM Tillman Mallory went public with his darkest thoughts. More than five million people watched his video where he uses note cards to express the anguish of being bullied and thoughts of suicide. Since -- posted it support has ported from everyday people and celebrities alike. -- our Lady Gaga tweeted thank you -- -- for being brave enough to share your story. Today Lady Gaga took that message to the White House meeting with top staff to the president. To press the importance of this crisis and seek help for the nation's kids. -- began her fight Agnes has changed after fourteen year old Jamie wrote a -- keep -- -- and one of his last messages offered thanks to Lady Gaga should act now and -- explain. When he later took his life after being bullied for being gay Lady Gaga treated the past days I've spent reflecting crying and yelling. Now she's giving voice to -- children through her charity. It's been an organization centered around anti bullying and my mom and I really passionate about that this is their passion project. But beyond adults efforts. Bullied teens are also supporting one another online why so many kids there are really using Internet as their personal diary. -- to pour your heart out you know that is awaits you. Sometimes ask for the support that you need and as -- found to get the support that you. And now these children have a star on their son bringing their stories all the way to the White House. Lindsey -- ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Pop singer meets with White House officials on behalf of young victims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15100813","title":"Lady Gaga Takes Anti-Bullying to White House","url":"/WNT/video/lady-gaga-takes-anti-bullying-white-house-15100813"}