Lance Armstrong Reportedly Considers Publicly Admitting Drug Use

Disgraced cyclist reportedly hopes admission would allow him to renew athletic career.
1:59 | 01/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lance Armstrong Reportedly Considers Publicly Admitting Drug Use
There are reports this evening that cyclist Lance Armstrong is considering the confession. But is really part of a strategy to deliver a comeback ABC's Neal Karlinsky on this case from the store. Silent and publicly disgraced since being brought down by the US Anti Doping Agency the New York Times now reports that Lance Armstrong is considering publicly admitting that he used banned performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusions during his cycling career. Because he wants to persuade anti doping officials to restore his eligibility so we can resume his athletic career according to -- -- sources. It would be a dramatic shift for Armstrong who has fought with and sued anyone who accused him of doping for years. Into remained defiant under wrote in a civil case. -- how many times of this we can't be clear that I have never taken drugs. Been incidents like that could never happen. -- be extremely out of characters see Armstrong come forward now the last time I spoke with -- was in July and his words to me where there will never ever. Ever be a confession. ABC news has learned that Armstrong has quietly made remarks recently and a little known web site -- -- -- or athletes share training data and were Armstrong. Until a few days ago posted under the alias one -- load -- challenging days for sure around the -- -- -- house but brighter days ahead keeper -- amigos onward. Less than a week ago responding to a post about his critics Armstrong wrote. I got my life. They got bears -- trading for nothing head high and -- full. The stakes are enormous and Armstrong confession could affect several multi million dollar civil claims days ago he added this note to his Twitter by -- referring to his battle with cancer. Met patients in 1996. But only now on my getting to know and appreciate her. Neal Karlinsky ABC news Seattle.

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{"id":18140995,"title":"Lance Armstrong Reportedly Considers Publicly Admitting Drug Use","duration":"1:59","description":"Disgraced cyclist reportedly hopes admission would allow him to renew athletic career.","url":"/WNT/video/lance-armstrong-reportedly-considers-publicly-admitting-drug-18140995","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}