Life Changing Ear Operation Helps a Little Boy Hear

For the first time 5-year-old Carson Rubin can hear thanks to Cochlear implants.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for Life Changing Ear Operation Helps a Little Boy Hear
And finally here tonight, a little boy who needed some help putting on pressure so he could get what he needed to change his life. And you are part of this moment, this big, new day. Here's abc's dan harris. Reporter: When we first met 5-year-old carson rubin this past march -- go find a card. Reporter: He was consistently one step behind his preschool classmates. I think he wears himself out trying to keep up with everybody else. Have you ever been to the dentist? I can't hear you. Have you, um, have you ever been to the dentist? Reporter: Carson's doctors said there was a treatment that could dramatically improve his hearing, cochlear implants. Which have had some miraculous effects on some children. Could you hear that? Reporter: And the rubins' health insurance company wouldn't cover them. When they came back to you and said we aren't going to cover it, what did you think? I was shocked. Reporter: Until we called, and they finally agreed. So, just one month later, carson went in for surgery. We were with him as it got turned on. The wonder of those first sounds written all over his face. Carson, can you hear daddy over here? Uh-huh. Does it sound funny? Uh-huh. Reporter: And when we visited a few weeks ago, a dramatic improvement. That's a dinosaur? No. It's not a dinosaur. That's a crocodile. Reporter: While his speech has yet to catch up to his hearing. He has no trouble keeping up or making his opinions known. It seems to me you're hearing and speaking better. Do you think so? Yeah. I can hear you. But these types of snakes usually can bite all different types of animals. Reporter: What you're saying is you can hear me. You don't want to talk about what I want to talk about. You want to talk about what you want to talk about. Well. Reporter: When I first met you, you were really worried he wasn't going to have that bright of a future. Yeah. Reporter: How do you feel now? That he can do anything he wants to do and be anything he wants to be. Santa. Santa. Reporter: Dan harris, abc news, monroe, georgia.

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{"id":21469886,"title":"Life Changing Ear Operation Helps a Little Boy Hear","duration":"3:00","description":"For the first time 5-year-old Carson Rubin can hear thanks to Cochlear implants.","url":"/WNT/video/life-changing-ear-operation-helps-boy-hear-21469886","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}