London 2012 Gymnastics: Gabby Douglas Falters

All-around winner finishes last on uneven bars; Team USA moves ahead in soccer.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for London 2012 Gymnastics: Gabby Douglas Falters
Now we go to london and the olympic games, sore losers and the smackdown in the sand. Abc's bill weir is in london with all the action. Bill, what a day. Unbelievable night here, george. Thanks. The uncle sam's girls, the women's soccer team, they do not disappoint in they get to the olympic stage. Three times they trailed the northern american neighbor canada and three times they rallied back. And tonight, they're enjoying the giddy exhaustion that only comes from hard-fought victory. Reporter: The header broke a 3-3 tie into the gold medal game against japan but less joy in the gym for gabby douglas. She earned the flying squirrel nickname for the way she spins and soars on the uneven bars. But tonight, the flying wasn't good enough to beat russia's aliya mustafina. She finished last and will take one more track on the balance beam tomorrow. On the track, three americans started the 300-meter hurdles. Michael finley behind sanchez. And all of london still buzzing over last night's 300-meet sprint, mostly more usain bolt's repeat but partly for the fan who threw a beer bottle just before the start. Before security could hustle him out. A dutch judo champion was seated nearby and whacked him on the back and tweeted "a drunk dude in front of me throws a bottle on the track. I bleep him. Unbelievable." Still, bolt, flashing his symbol for winning with the swedish hand ball team at 3:35 a.M. And the latest athlete ejected for not trying hard enough until he explained he wasn't supposed to be racing that distance in the physical place. And the first american sent home, nicholas delpopolo who finished in judo who said he ate marijuana-laced baked goods before the games. Bronze medal winners feel better than gold medalists? Yes, he does the starfish is jump into this coach's arms before putting on an impromptu gymnastic routine. Which reminds as you of the barcelona games. The reasoning is that silver medalists are focused on just missing the gold and they're filled with disappointment. The photographs bear that out. The bronze medalists on the right there, they're just happy to be in the top three. So, george, in the olympics, as in life, happiness is all about managing expectations. What makes them think they beat everybody else. Bill weir. Medal count, china back on top with 64 medals. One medal ahead of the u.S. With russia a distant third.

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{"id":16943388,"title":"London 2012 Gymnastics: Gabby Douglas Falters","duration":"3:00","description":"All-around winner finishes last on uneven bars; Team USA moves ahead in soccer.","url":"/WNT/video/london-2012-gymnastics-gabby-douglas-falters-16943388","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}