Team USA Beats Japan for Gold

Women's soccer team celebrates Olympic victory after losing the last World Cup.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Team USA Beats Japan for Gold
Right now, team usa is celebrating victory and redemption. Just hours ago, the women's soccer team took the field against japan, their first match since last year's tough loss in the world cup. As one player put it then, japan snatched our dream. Tonight, the american women took it back. And their win is just the latest triumph for all the women of team usa. These olympic games, more than ever before, have been defined by the golden girls. Abc's bill weerl has our front row seat at the olympics and starts us off tonight. How much fun did you have today, bill? Reporter: It just keys coming, george. If you need further proof that london 2012 will be defined by the fairer athletes, get a load of this. The united states has won 39 golds so far. 26 of those belong to women. And on this night in particular, whether it was on the pitch or on the wood, in the pool, in the ring, for american fans, it was ladies night. In a soccer-mad world, this was the one and awful lot of girls were glued to. Blary eyed in japan's wee hours and giddy at this soccer camp in new jersey. And it was a jersey girl, carli lloyd, who gave all of america With one goal eight minutes into the first half and a second nine minutes into the second. Japan mounted a minor comeback late, but uncle sam's girls hold on for the 2-1 win, and as we are the champions blared out over wembley stadium, team japan bowed in respect, tears in their eyes. But in jersey, tears of joy. The best part was probably when u.S. Scored their fst goal, because, like, we were just all like, ahh! And then the u.S. Team was all like, ahh! And it was just so exciting. Reporter: Meanwhile, in the liquid hands on version of the game, team usa women took their first water polo gold ever, with an 8-5 win over spain. On the hard wood, usa hoops juggernaut survived a first half scare against australia to move onto the gold medal game. And history in the ring. A year ago, claressa shields was a 16-year-old with an ex-con father, finding her way on the tough seets of flint, michigan. Tonight, she's the first american woman to earn olympic boxing gold. Is that a bite mark? I dropped it. You dropped it? I was really tired this morning. Reporter: And let us not forget the three-peat of misty may traynor and kerri walsh jennings. How do you feel about the fact that across southern california, maybe even parts of iowa and oklahoma, there are girls saying, you know what, I'm dropping out of school to go to the beach -- ah, don't drop out of school. Don't drop out of school. You can play in college. We're both college graduates and very proud. ReporteEE, BRAINS AND Braun right there for those two girls from the beach. Fantastic performances out of the boys tonight. Ashton eaton and tray hardee went gold-silver in the decathlon. And usain bolt, the fastest man in the world is just that. Led a jamaican sweep, george, in the 200 meter. A dubouble-double to repeat. America back in the lead today? Reporter: They're back in the lead, ten more than china in the total medal column. Two more in the gold column and a big weekend ahead, including the dream team going for gold again. Bill weir, thank you very much. Very different story now. Late this afternoon, a dramatic

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{"id":16973300,"title":"Team USA Beats Japan for Gold","duration":"3:00","description":"Women's soccer team celebrates Olympic victory after losing the last World Cup.","url":"/WNT/video/london-2012-soccer-team-usa-beats-japan-gold-16973300","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}