Longtime Volunteer Works to Give Kids a Bright Future

For over 30 years Wini Jackson has been giving children exceptional learning opportunities.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Longtime Volunteer Works to Give Kids a Bright Future
Finally tonight a woman hard at work in the City of Angels enriching the lives of schoolchildren and some call her an Angel. ABC's David -- now with when he Jackson our special West Coast person of the week. She's the kind of person who insist on a hug and not a handshake. I'm confident -- -- -- and no one seems able to resist Willie Jackson retired years ago from LA county Probation Department. She's still working hard to your kids. To a brighter future. -- a revolution for children. I start a revolution she harnesses that passion and commitment. To organize free -- field trips and events calling in favors refusing to take no for an answer. But -- -- I'm gonna do it it's -- challenge. She gets it -- She's made it possible for kids to meet civil rights heroes she's organized special screenings of films like The Lord of the Rings. Requiring kids to read the books first. She's even let if you -- trips abroad victory if she doesn't do it no one else well and she's -- -- more than thirty years. Who's just you. Yeah that's what. One person touching the lives of thousands of kids I'm going to do this. Who is what I was created to do her own childhood had plenty of challenges. Her mom was a maid working six days a week. But she taught her daughter the value of education and the duty to help others -- never had this. Drive in her for education. Information. Because it was the thing that had been denied -- these kids are part of an after school program run by the LA sheriff's department. This week Jackson organize something special for them but not having his private screening of the new 3-D blockbuster walking with dinosaurs for fruit. Today they're following up with a visit to the -- museum of natural history. I wish I had ten Marlins -- -- program what are you get out of the. -- get so much. Jordan will have to understand there's -- purpose for -- -- and then you find that this is not a job. And so we choose when he Jackson making a difference in the lives of children in Los Angeles.

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{"id":21295859,"title":"Longtime Volunteer Works to Give Kids a Bright Future","duration":"3:00","description":"For over 30 years Wini Jackson has been giving children exceptional learning opportunities.","url":"/WNT/video/longtime-volunteer-works-give-kids-bright-future-21295859","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}