'Loud Music' Trial Verdict Triggers Outrage

Defendant Michael Dunn in disbelief as mistrial declared on murder charge.
3:00 | 02/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Loud Music' Trial Verdict Triggers Outrage
The verdict and the outrage that's followed -- a high profile case in Florida the crime that played out at a gas station a man with a gun who fired at a teenager in the next car. Music playing too loud started -- all. The jury convicting Michael -- on four of five counts but declared a mistrial on the most serious count of first degree murder. In the death of this teenager Jordan Davis who was seventeen at the time. His birthday would have been today. Tonight even with the gunman headed to prison the teen's parents say they are still seeking justice. Now the prosecutor revealing her new plants ABC's -- -- winters in Jacksonville tonight and he leads us off. Turning to -- team. It's a split verdict -- both sides call unjust. So confusing even protesters weren't sure how to react when it was -- 47 year old Michael -- convicted of three counts of attempted second degree murder for shooting ten times at a car with these three teenagers inside. At this Jacksonville gas station. Under Florida law he must serve at least sixty years in prison. -- believe it has not some game. Even when he sat next to me he basically said how is this happening. Jurors who deliberated for thirty hours deadlocked on what the case was mostly about it. Did done murder seventeen year old Jordan Davis or was it self defense says he claimed on the stand and say you're not gonna counties. -- on this trial on the murder count left davis' parents heart broken again. We will continue just can. We will continue to wait. -- justice. What made the jury deadlock on the key charge ABC news legal analyst Dan Abrams -- one theory it is possible. That a juror or two got caught up on whether the first set. -- bullets may have been self defense and yet the other bullets that were fired they may have felt. We're simply no way to justify that. The State's attorney -- Michael -- will be back in this courthouse before long for a retrial on that first degree murder counts. Not that another conviction would change -- -- at this point he will be locked up until he's at least a 107. Years old.

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{"id":22544110,"title":"'Loud Music' Trial Verdict Triggers Outrage","duration":"3:00","description":"Defendant Michael Dunn in disbelief as mistrial declared on murder charge.","url":"/WNT/video/loud-music-trial-verdict-triggers-outrage-22544110","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}