Louisville's Kevin Ware on the Road to Recovery

NCAA star talks with Josh Elliott about injury, basketball and recovery.
1:48 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for Louisville's Kevin Ware on the Road to Recovery
For a body in motion. And finally tonight, the te he's returned to louisville to cheer on his basketball team. Abc's josh elliott spoke to him and his mother about that moment everyone gasped. Reporter: It is nothing short of stunning to see louisville sophomore kevin ware upright, on crutches and in a cast. Just days after an injury as horrific as any you will ever see on a basketball court. Seeing my leg like that, straight shock. I saw the bone six inches out of my leg. I felt like -- it's a terrible looking injury. Reporter: I understand you haven't seen it and you never will. Never will. I kind of feel like if I see the video, it will just hold me back mentally from where I need to be, trying to recover from this. The last thing I want is that if I'm trying to be on the basketball court again. Reporter: What are you thinking as they're wheeling you to the ambulance and taking you to the hospital? I'm in the ambulance asking, does anyone know the score? I think someone told me, i remember your team being up by four. Reporter: His mother joining us. So many viewers ask how you could possibly watch what happened and keep it together? It was heart-breaking. It was devastating. My husband tried to calm me down. My sister's praying with me. When he does things, he always does it big. I'm like, you just couldn't break your leg, you had to break your leg like in the most dramatic way possible. Just so kevin. Reporter: Last question. Are you going to be back? I'll be back next season. Reporter: We'll look forward to it. Thank you. Reporter: Josh elliott, abc news. And josh will have more on

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{"id":18875070,"title":"Louisville's Kevin Ware on the Road to Recovery","duration":"1:48","description":"NCAA star talks with Josh Elliott about injury, basketball and recovery.","url":"/WNT/video/louisvilles-kevin-ware-road-recovery-18875070","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}