Lowe's Pulls Ad From Show About Muslim Americans

Retailer bows to pressure from conservative group critical of TLC reality show.
2:07 | 12/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lowe's Pulls Ad From Show About Muslim Americans
Of the nation's giant retailers is under fire tonight after pulling its commercials from a reality show. About Muslims living their everyday lives in America the retailer acted. After a conservative group called the show propaganda. ABC Stevenson -- me with the details. American Muslims say this show is the first time they've seen their faith shown that such -- positive light and on prime time. Viewers get an inside look at everyday existence -- five Michigan families in this scene the women go shopping for headdresses which one of them stopped wearing after 9/11. Taking up again. Wearing the Hijab is so much more than what you CE. Because I didn't K -- something that you take lightly. There's high school football on Friday nights and while this 25 year old expectant mother certainly dresses differently she sounds like any other American wife. Chiding her husband for putting things off. -- -- about it -- what if any content and tomorrow there's -- much thought I have to but some groups say the show -- propaganda hiding an Islamic agenda. Conservative Florida family association started the campaign against the shell and its advertisers pushing the most improvement with -- 17100 retail stores. To pull its ads from the show this program. Creates an image that's harmful. Education wise to. The belief structure in and memories some of millions of Americans who will. Look at this and say well all Muslims are like that when it's not accurate so -- a man is featured in the series and told us from Detroit today. That the conservative groups should open their minds it's actually making change and having people change their perceptions on my -- and -- at -- corporate headquarters near Charlotte today. A vice president told me they could care less about the content of the show this was a business decision. Our decision was not political it was not social and anyway we just -- that it was a controversial program and we wanted to reach consumers and controversial program does not agree to do that no matter the controversy the cable network that airs the program says it will weather the storm. -- Centanni ABC news more -- North Carolina.

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{"id":15141876,"title":"Lowe's Pulls Ad From Show About Muslim Americans","duration":"2:07","description":"Retailer bows to pressure from conservative group critical of TLC reality show.","url":"/WNT/video/lowes-pulls-ad-show-muslim-americans-15141876","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}