Lyndon Baty Strives to be Part of the Team

Four-wheel robot goes where Lyndon, who has a rare kidney disease, can't.
2:40 | 12/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lyndon Baty Strives to be Part of the Team
We bring you the story of a young boy whose body has given him big hurdles but his spirit simply will not quit. Here his joy and celebration. Of every day we learned about him from our partners and ESPN and here's Tom monopoly. Lying your ally sports -- is a -- question. Like most fifteen year old coach Lindy Beatty love sports but not. The usual reasons. It's my hobby. It's an outlet -- remain in taking out that Fulmer medical history. Born with a rare kidney disease Linden has spent half his life in hospital rooms. He has dialysis from -- and that until seven in the Manhattan. He has. Five injections await. He's immune system has become so weak he can no longer be around other kids now and then doctor -- -- narrowly edges. You know sector -- found me. -- whose parents were determined to find a way to connect -- at home to a life in high school. His eyes and -- of four wheeled robot who walks the halls for. Only needs is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. We can't have -- name by McKinney sent out there but while the robot connected Limbaugh it could not -- him. He can't be exposed to -- is filled with other children who can't police who works. The one place he tango. Is the safety of a small Booth at the top of the bleachers. Where he sits mostly by himself but -- his -- certainly can. And I really like to make as -- -- -- as possible and I just. Really just want me you know pardoning him just to be part of sports. Alleged money hand fed bought -- thank cap. -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah. -- -- -- -- I think his attitude with that sports announcing it it gives him bizarre -- one. Yes I have this kidney disease yet honor that they want they -- like -- -- saying. He can be happy with that you know watching me act. Or ABC news' Tom -- all the ESPN. And we -- Poland and as a world class champion to.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Four-wheel robot goes where Lyndon, who has a rare kidney disease, can't. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15249874","title":"Lyndon Baty Strives to be Part of the Team","url":"/WNT/video/lyndon-baty-strives-part-team-15249874"}