Mad for Detail

Stepping onto the set of "MadMen" is like going back in time.
2:25 | 03/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mad for Detail
Ad for DTL -- Chris Connolly on the set. The net net. -- -- you -- literally means. The pain from an old wound. -- -- -- -- And Jon -- as the dashing enigmatic ad man Don Draper. Bring viewers back. To the hard living and loving advertising world of the 1960s. We were given a rare tour of the show's meticulously detailed set. By that -- creator Matthew Weiner trail. As the conference around you that's an uncomfortable moments in history that uncomfortable moments every room this. Some -- film. The smokes in the -- to the memos and IBM's Electric's Weiner is responsible not only for the show's sumptuous storytelling. What do women want. Who cares. Also overseas mad -- period perfect appeal. This is a reproduction of what Truman had on his desk autographed picture of that buddy Epson in the biggest show on air at that time. Actors remain impressed by the -- taste details. These aren't just shells and looks like distant thing and you realize -- -- so hard for us. Look the monsters Peggy Olson once the secretary. Now she's a copy writer -- opposite for -- With Tavis it's all period every single thing it's incredible and Nina -- important. Heath that cliff let's hand it. Obviously any idea fuel -- exactly. Costume designer Janie Bryant and her team finds -- creates the looks now synonymous with the show this is like the iconic -- you Betty candidate. And with this one -- styling as of January Jones. Hailed as don's ice to -- the -- ex wife Betty. What do you think guys -- so. -- awful. I think -- people are attracted. Women are attracted to -- is all those years when they just were -- and guys like you what's the thought I'm just a guy at a time. Very much felt that way -- always looked a little older you know I wasn't I was not getting Dawson's Creek. From I didn't look seventeen -- seventy it's just where was. But I would get called in for their dad. Thirteen episodes of bedding and backstabbing mischief now lie ahead for mad men's characters Beers a -- the shows devoted fans will now get to unwrap. Chris Connelly ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":15950633,"title":"Mad for Detail","duration":"2:25","description":"Stepping onto the set of \"MadMen\" is like going back in time.","url":"/WNT/video/mad-madmen-series-fx-set-tour-tv-15950633","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}