'Made in America' Christmas Becomes a Movement

Holiday shoppers hope to create jobs and make a difference using buying power.
3:35 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for 'Made in America' Christmas Becomes a Movement
Waiting for hours after our report last night about how 64 dollars -- holiday money could change everything for American workers. There is a movement underway tonight and from Dallas to Minneapolis to Pittsburgh you said count us in. And again it's not about buying all your gifts made in America what about just -- Here's our champion -- made in America anchor David you know. -- -- -- Who could hear the countries of Dallas Hillary and couldn't -- -- this time on those new numbers. -- which of those who spend 700 dollars Christmas holiday gift. Remember economists who told us just 64 dollars of that less than 10% he made in America. All right now when you be willing to take -- 64 dollars and find something there. Absolutely it's them QB Andy Williams and because the -- -- just the beginning. We're about a half an oral -- -- Ford pick up the rest of the family we were off. And in the front seat those backseat drivers to -- pointing in the right direction. The first stop. Cities. -- -- -- This poor family yes Reese -- need just to make -- average Americans and 700 dollars. And she told them just 64 that -- something American -- and back in the truck next stop the chances. Some crazy at -- -- and that question are you were. At its -- Dallas Minneapolis to remember nordic where -- handle it right. Those blood and then look at them now ready Green today workers telling world news. -- can ask all of us to buy something made in America and most daring to. And yet the swim two made -- of those baby boomers so determined this year to find American swimsuits. -- kept in Helen marshals -- the pool she's driving to church. -- -- -- serious act anything with hair wasn't long before we asked are you win. And toy maker -- found this year channel Kraft always -- here not only making American they're buying American showing us what they have found already. -- portable basketball system made him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I must -- -- US AR Smith who just 24 hours later Lofton running. Remember just one night and made in America that. It will always be easy especially comes to helping Santa want to let -- -- Christmas. Little -- who told which influences other American girl doll. Where the men -- Now the kids are written this list -- and I. But how much -- that lists even anything you can find America. Stump not stopped the -- in. Stumps but they are up for the challenge remember just one thing these -- the emails between the -- to -- enemy just in the last 24 hours and Diane. But individual tonight this is our -- over -- over pages and abcnews.com. The ideas. Coming in in real time everybody has. Great ideas and -- you for your Christmas tree out there thank you David and we want to know we're gonna read all of them and as we do we're gonna add more lights on our Christmas tree on line for all the company's products. Ways you are getting involved let's get that -- beaming and head to abcnews.com. Slash -- to do it shared the gifts you found you love. You think others might love to.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Holiday shoppers hope to create jobs and make a difference using buying power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15060878","title":"'Made in America' Christmas Becomes a Movement","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-christmas-movement-15060878"}