'Made in America': Mom's Living Room Invention

Mom entrepreneur reaps reward with idea that could also help grow jobs.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for 'Made in America': Mom's Living Room Invention
Made in america is back tonight, with a new number. 10 million businesses in america owned by women and this forecast. Their businesses will create more than 5 million u.S. Jobs in the coming years. And tonight, one mom, hoping her idea will help fuel those jobs. Hi, david! Hi, david! Reporter: We could tell the boils just thrilled to be part of their mother's invention. Susie taylor of south florida and her husband steve believe they're onto something. This video says it all. Not the ice cream, but what the kids are wearing because of it. Bibs. Big ones and hike tech ones, too. The idea, mom came up with on a plane trip. My kids were a mess. I was a mess. And I had nothing left in my bag but wet, sticky clothes. Reporter: She turned to her husband and wearing a fitness shirt, wiped it off with that. The mess came right off. I was like, why are you wiping clean and we're disgusting. Reporter: So, she began her hunt for nontoxic fitness material. Chef began testing all types. And where did she test it? On her children. I wore them on my kids. I just cut fabric on the table. Reporter: She made them and sold them on the internet. This is my uncle richie and he's running production. Hi, david. Reporter: Now, she's hoping her uncle will have tell p. And she's asking the sharks for it, going on the new season of "shark tank," hoping they bite on her made in america idea. The stuff I bought from china, the toxins my kids were sucking on, I couldn't morally do that. Oh, my gosh! How are you? Reporter: Perhaps she'll have success like the other moms we've met. Oh, I get a hug, oh! Reporter: Spartanburg, south carolina, and the daisy cakes. Her mother, watching. How am I doing? Tonight, kim has hired a coo and a cfo and she's sold 1,000 more cakes since then. 300,000 in sales. And there was tiffany, with her ava the elephant. She invented that character that delivers medicine to children. Remember when it landed at cvs? She told us today been picked up by toysrus.Com, safe way and kroger. Now, hope those bibs are not only on susie's kids, but soon on a store shelf near yu.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Mom entrepreneur reaps reward with idea that could also help grow jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17241446","title":"'Made in America': Mom's Living Room Invention","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-moms-living-room-invention-17241446"}