'Made in America' Products Sold in Mexico

New Mexican middle class buying American and boosting U.S. economy.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for 'Made in America' Products Sold in Mexico
There is something fueling more than 6 million jobs tonight. Something that reminds us that american quality is second to none. Abc's sharyn alfonsi takes us inside a home which proves that a growing middle class is ready to buy made in america, and not just here, around the world. Reporter: Remember the usry family? That was a family that let us take everything out of their house not made in america and then were shocked to see this vase was all that was left. Well, meet the campos family. They have a big surprise for you, too. Made in america. Made in america. Made in america. And guess where they are? 1,120 miles south of the usry family, in mexico. Antonio, sandra, carlos and tony jr., Apart of mexico's new middle class. This is my son's favorite peanut better. Reporter: So, what is behind mexico's love affair with all things american? When I see made in america, I'm thinking big. What do you think? Quality. I think quality. Quality and big. Reporter: A generation ago, 12% of mexico's population was middle class. Most were in poverty. Today, over half are considered middle class. That's more than 70 million strong. And they're scooping up american-made products. 198 billion worth just last year. Doubling in just a decade. 6 million american jobs are tied to feeding that market. A market that loves that american produce, because it's bigger -- look at the size of the grapes, the quality is very good. Reporter: Our batteries, they last longer. And the variety of all our beauty products. This is my favorite american product and you have to get it. Reporter: And, we noticed this at the costco in mexico city. Family after family picking up american-made baby wipes. They are the top-receiving product here. But what was so special about those wipes? The mexican brand was cheaper. So, we went to the factory in oran oran orangeburg, new york, to find out. A typical product on the shelf in mexico is very weak, i mean, it hardly stays together. This is the costco product. Incredibly strong. Everything about this product is way better than what is current it will available in the mexican market. Reporter: Which is way the campos family keys buying american. They shared their shopping list with the usry family. Looks just like our list. Reporter: Two families, 1,000 miles apart, with a shared appreciation for three little words. Made in america! Reporter: And the company that makes those baby wipes, they hired 250 new employees and are opening a new factory in arkansas. Again, 6 million jobs in the u.S. Now tied with trade to mexico and that number is expected to grow. And 70 million in their middle class, ready to buy.

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{"id":17389603,"title":"'Made in America' Products Sold in Mexico","duration":"3:00","description":"New Mexican middle class buying American and boosting U.S. economy.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-products-sold-mexico-baby-wipes-skin-17389603","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}