'Made in America': Shipping to China

U.S. exports increase; signs of economy on the rise.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Transcript for 'Made in America': Shipping to China
There were some encouraging signs today on the u.S. Economy. Early indicators that the worst might finally be over? New census numbers show more americans moving into new homes, and fewer young people living with their parents. And, also tonight, a big new sign of a made in america comeback. More jobs on the way, possibly 5 million of them? Abc's sharyn alfonsi, co-captain of our made in america team, tells us what kind of jobs and where. Reporter: Look closely. Right there, underneath elton john. That floor. And this floor at the opening ceremonies in london. Both made right here in the u.S. So you're watching the ceremonies, you're going, "hey, that's my floor!" Absolutely. You know, I could see the floor. I know they put stuff on top of it, but I could always see where the floor was. It was exciting. Reporter: We met the workers behind those floors today. This is a dance floor? This is a dance floor. Reporter: A few years ago, they had $10 million in annual sales, selling only in the u.S. Today, $20 million. And half of their customers now are overseas. Everybody is always amazed we ship products to china because everybody thinks -- Reporter: IT'S ONLY GOING That way. We actually ship product back to china. Reporter: And they're quadrupled their workforce. Their comeback among those economists had estimated up to 3 million jobs in the next few years. Today, they revised it to 5 million. So, what's changed? Well, for the first time since THE 1930s, U.S. MANUFACTURERS Now have an advantage in exports. Tipping the scales, u.S. Labor, the most productive workers in the world, making us 20% to 45% cheaper than foreign competitors. New technologies unlocking energy reserves, pushing down energy costs. And shipping from our ports is cheaper. The container ships are coming to the u.S. Full. Those containers have to go back anyway and the shipping companies don't charge them that much more. So, what we have is the ability to ship out of the u.S. At very, very low shipping costs. Reporter: We heard from so many american companies who say they can now compete globally. Ribbed tee business is up 600%. And at hurd windows and doors, they've found new customers overseas too. This is going to china and this is going to canada. Reporter: And then there's calibowl. Designed in california, made in the usa -- and on the way korea. Reporter: Huge come back driven by three little words -- made in america! Reporter: And economists say all of this could drive down unemployment by 2% or 3% by the end of the decade. But of course, if you are tied to the global economy, you could affected. Companies are watching very closely to see what happens in europe and china. In the meantime, diane, all five companies we spoke to today said they are hiring. Good news. Sure like that news. And made in america is going to be back next week and we're going to go through another house, take a look at what's inside? And we have a big surprise for everybody, so, tune in next week.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"U.S. exports increase; signs of economy on the rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17285049","title":"'Made in America': Shipping to China","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-shipping-china-17285049"}