Detroit Bouncing Back With Shinola Watch Co.

Shinola Watch Co. gives the Swiss some competition with precision watches plus hundreds of jobs.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for Detroit Bouncing Back With Shinola Watch Co.
Finally tonight, our made in america team is back with good news for a city facing some hard times. Santa's new workshop is creating jobs in the city of detroit and abc's david muir is right here to tell us about it. You and I have heard from so many viewers. You at home leading the way on made in america. Tonight where the lights are back on and where every american worker can tell you exactly what time it is. Reporter: In detroit tonight it's going all the way down to 9 degrees. But don't be fooled, they're just warming up inside a a 30 thousand square foot factory where made in america is coming back to life. What are they making? There is a hint right there. Look in the reflection of his magnifying glass. And we heard about it from so many of you at home, on facebook. David, I wonder if you have profiled shinola watch co. In detroit. Wouldn't it be nice mention with all that detroit's going through. And the videos. Hi david. Reporter: Viewer diane kowalski in snowy detroit. I'm holding this blue package. Reporter: Just hoping that what is in the box is what she's been hinting about. Hope your husband's watching. I hope it's my een shinola watch. Reporter: Because those elves at the north pole are facing some stiff competition from workers back on the job in detroit. All the employees that we hired, they've never assembled a watch. They've assembled cars maybe, but not watches. Reporter: Until now, they brought over swiss watchmakers, had them train the workers in detroit, and that was all they needed. Now, it's americans giving the swiss a run for their money. One of the workers can't wait to see one of her watches worn on the street. People are going to buy watches that we made. It's going to be a big deal to me. Reporter: Workers in what look lie hospital scrubs with surgical precision. That game of operation. And we were invited to see the finished product. On the way, the made in america team spotted. He told us his wife is in. I can't get to watch the sports. I got to get a new tv, cause she's watching world news. Reporter: Suddenly, they knew we were there. Merry christmas. Made in america, where america is made. Reporter: Right here in the showroom, proof quality watches can be made in america. We had a hard time picking our favorite, this one or this one or this one. We kept going, women's watches, too. The leather band stitched in largo, florida, made in detroit. Everything made in america. Leather goods sewn in missouri. Bicycles, waterford, wisconsin. We weren't the only ones on the move. Just look at the numbers tonight. Six employees when shinola started two years ago. Tonight they have 200 workers. You're hiring tonight? We're hiring tonight. Reporter: Perhaps wrapping some new jobs for christmas. We could put a job under the tree this year. That would be a great gift. Reporter: Just imagine a few more workers in this room. And those three words in mind. Made in america! They are hiring tonight. The first 2500 watches selling in just 8 days. If you wondered where the name of the company came from it's named after that famous shoe company, shinola. Those beautiful two words again, hiring tonight. Yes. Thank you, david muir. Thank you for watching.

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{"id":21186362,"title":"Detroit Bouncing Back With Shinola Watch Co.","duration":"3:00","description":"Shinola Watch Co. gives the Swiss some competition with precision watches plus hundreds of jobs.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-spotlight-detroits-bouncing-back-21186362","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}