Made in America: US Spends Millions on Foreign-Made Sneakers for the Military

U.S. shoe companies express interest in keeping sneaker manufacturing here at home.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Made in America: US Spends Millions on Foreign-Made Sneakers for the Military
And now, our "Made in America" team is back. And there is news out of Washington. Taking the challenge to the Pentagon. We've been asking the question, should America's fighting forces wear clothes and shoes made in America? Well, ABC's anchor, David Muir, tonight, with a big decision coming. And the U.S. Workers who say let us do it. Reporter: That's right, Diane. We heard the questions from the very start from our viewers. Do American workers make the American uniforms. A 1941 law requires. But tonight, the loophole and the one item workers are hoping soon will be "Made in America." Our troops in uniform, all over the world, protecting us and the American dream. That uniform, every part of it, made in America. And to get into those uniforms, our troops, far more fit than most of us. Even their gym clothes, the t-shirt made here, the shorts made here. But there's something afoot about their sneakers. The only part made overseas. Many wondering why is the federal government spending millions in taxpayer dollars on sneakers made some place else. Could we find sneakers made here? Didn't take long. New balance, among the companies making sneakers in America. If it says made in the usa, that means, 100%. Reporter: Watch here, as she puts the sneaker into a steam machine. It's loosening up there. Soft again. All it needs now is the sole, which comes next. If we could find them, what about Washington? We calmed the Pentagon. And tonight, they tell us, the department of defense has heard from several U.S. Shoe manufacturers saying they could produce a 100% american-made shoe. The Pentagon adding, we're evaluating their proposals. And on capitol hill, some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle saying, it's a no-brainer. We found Susan Collins pushing the Pentagon. She told me about the labels on the sneakers right now. They're made in Vietnam, in China, all over the world. Reporter: She points out a 1941 law requires every part of the uniform be made in America. But that there's a loophole when it comes to sneakers. She also pointed out, she watched our "Made in America" series because back home -- I have heard the conversation change in America. Reporter: She says by the very workers in their home state. Three new balance factories, where they're sending a message. We can make it here. Reporter: They also sent us the prototype they pitched to the Pentagon. They're not the only ones. Cap shoes in Virginia. Wolverine in Michigan, all saying, we can do it here. Hoping Washington is listening. Where they're making the sneakers tonight, the ultraviolet pen, invisible ink, marking where the sole is glued to the sneaker. The customer never sees the The customer will never know I wrote this. Those three words, made in America. You make them for customers. Yes. The question is, will you make them for the troops? I hope so. Reporter: You hope so. A lot of people hoping so. The troops' families send us great videos, jumping in. Tonight, this is up to the Pentagon. And a spokesman telling us in the last 24 hours, they like what they're seeing with the proposals on their desk. New balance telling us, they would be able to hire at least 200 new workers if they get the go. That's one company. We will be watching their decision. Thank you, David.

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{"id":22905607,"title":"Made in America: US Spends Millions on Foreign-Made Sneakers for the Military","duration":"3:00","description":"U.S. shoe companies express interest in keeping sneaker manufacturing here at home.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-us-spends-millions-foreign-made-sneakers-22905607","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}