Magic Fountain of Youth Found in Greek Island

Island inhabitants on border of Turkey never seem to age a day in real-life paradise.
2:11 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Magic Fountain of Youth Found in Greek Island
greek gods, the ones still LIVING WELL INTO THEIR 90s SOME Past 100. "Nightline" anchor bill weir, on a tiny greek island where they seem to have it figured out. Reporter: When you think of the good life on a greek island, you might picture an all-night bacchanals on the sand of mykonos. But what if I told you that there is another greek island few people know about, where they party long past tomorrow AND WELL INTO THEIR 90s? Well, that place is real and it is called icaria, a 25-mile stretch of mountains surrounded by the mediterranean sea and home to around 8,000 hearty souls, so what's their secret here? And can we steal it? What is your secret? God wants it. Reporter: Ah, that's what it is. You have a friend upstairs? So, I'm not allowed to drink the entire bottle of wine at the same time. The rest of their diet is typical med trainer goodness. Lots of fish, nuts and a little meat. They start every day with thick pine-flavored honey. And they drink gallons of local herbal tea that keeps inflammation down. Do you give your wife a kiss? She's giggling. And despite the severe terrain, there are no escalators here, no wheelchair lanes or shuttle buses. These are people who move to live, and vice versa. Our grandparents burnt five times as many calories in nonphysical activity. Here they move mindlessly. They burn thousands of calories doing everyday chores, kneading bread, walking to their friends' houses. Reporter: You're just getting stronger and stronger. If she gets her way, scientists and reporters will be stopping by her house for years to come to hear the secrets to a long and happy life. Bill weir, getting the secret

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{"id":19793765,"title":"Magic Fountain of Youth Found in Greek Island","duration":"2:11","description":"Island inhabitants on border of Turkey never seem to age a day in real-life paradise.","url":"/WNT/video/magic-fountain-youth-found-greek-island-19793765","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}