The Mailman: Not Your Average Superhero

Mail carriers around the country recognized for heroism.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for The Mailman: Not Your Average Superhero
And finally tonight here, they're in our neighborhoods, visiting our homes nearly every day of the week and we don't often think of them as super heroes, but it turns out, many of them are. And tonight, they are our "persons of the week." There are more than 180,000 letter carriers across this country. Finally, the carrier delivered the letter. Reporter: Delivering mail for more than 200 years. In so many neighborhoods, they more than just our address. They know our faces, our family. Mike sylvester delivers mail in minnesota. Telling us today that famous saying, neither rain, snow, sleet or hail goes both ways. Often, his customers waiting for him. People waiting with the lemo on a hot day, hot chocolate in the winter. Reporter: In return, so many mail carriers going above and beyond. Charlie rose delivers the mail in athens, ohio. We're out there every day. We know when something out of the ordinary is happening. Reporter: And when they see something, they act. This week, six mail carriers honored in washington, d.C. For their heroism beyond their job. Honored after rushing to perform cpr on a child after a drunk driver in this pickup truck swerved and hit the boy as he was walking to the bus stop. His mother, overcome. Blessed to be here. Reporter: Blessed in part because cecilia ran to help. We're not just letter carriers. We're a little bit more than that, you know? Reporter: Tom from cape atlantic, new jersey, proving that, too. Running into the water to save a boy he saw drowning at the beach He remembers handing the boy back. The boy was hanging around my neck. I handed him to his father, said, happy father's day. And the father came up to me, hucked me. Reporter: The father saying to the mailman, god bless you. And then, mike sylvester, from that neighborhood in duluth. He sprang into action when a car lost control, crashing into this telephone pole. He got the woman out. That's kind of the, you know, the spirit of what built this country. You help out where necessary and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Reporter: It's that same message we heard from the postal SERVICE BACK IN THE 1950s. It's an important job, for national welfare and for the welfare of every man, woman and child. Reporter: Message that rings just as true today. I guess I just see myself as somebody who deliverers the mail and helps out where necessary. Reporter: With their thumb's up there. So, we choose our often underappreciated postal carriers who are delivering mail and, as we learned tonight, saving lives, too.

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{"id":17295728,"title":"The Mailman: Not Your Average Superhero","duration":"3:00","description":"Mail carriers around the country recognized for heroism.","url":"/WNT/video/mailman-average-superhero-17295728","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}