Major Break in Case of Missing Madeleine McCann

McCann disappeared during family vacation six years ago; police reopen investigation.
1:35 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Major Break in Case of Missing Madeleine McCann
Now to the case of the missing little girl. A case that made global headlines. So many of you likely remember the image of 3-year-old madeleine McCann who vanished from a room with her siblings on a family vacation six years ago. Her parents tearfully pleading for hope, saying they didn't do it. Tonight a glimer of hope for those parents. Here's lama hasan. Reporter: Renewed hope tonight, madeleine could be alive after a mom and dad's crusade six years in the making that began with every parent's nightmare. We beg you to let madeleine to come home. Reporter: That desperate plea to find their 4-year-old who went missing from her room at this portuguese resort during a family vacation. KATE AND jerry McCann became prime suspects. They they were cleared, they were still blamed for leaving their kids alone while dining 150 feet away. No one will ever feel more guilty than us for the fact that we were not with madeleine. Reporter: But the mccanns never gave up, making sure that the world would never forget maddy's face. Starting a massive media campaign with help from david beckham -- if you have seen this little girl -- Reporter: -- To j.K. Rowling offering a reward -- to the pope's blessing madeleine's picture. Finally, persuading the british prime minister, david cameron, to open a multimillion dollar review of her case, leading to an official investigation by scotland yard. That's the most significant and dramatic development in the search for little mad since since the portuguese investigation was closed in 2008 -- all because of her

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{"id":19591842,"title":"Major Break in Case of Missing Madeleine McCann ","duration":"1:35","description":"McCann disappeared during family vacation six years ago; police reopen investigation.","url":"/WNT/video/major-break-case-missing-madeleine-mccann-19591842","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}