Major storm causing treacherous travel conditions

A devastating snowstorm in the Northeast is expected to impact millions of travelers on the road while airports have hundreds of delays and cancellations.
2:52 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Major storm causing treacherous travel conditions
travel for millions of Americans returning from the Thanksgiving holiday. Blizzard conditions across the upper plains. Cars needed pulled out of snow drifts in Wiggins, Colorado. In Fargo, North Dakota this pick-up truck on interstate 94. Look at this car skidding under a tractor-trailer on an icy road in niagara, New York. The New York National Guard now on stand by. A plane skidding off a taxi way. In Buffalo, its wheels stuck. The system claiming 11 lives. Including two children in a vehicle washed away. One child still missing. A new storm is slamming the coast in the west. ABC's Alex Perez starts us off from Chicago. Reporter: Tonight, a major storm marching towards the northeast turning deadly, slamming tens of millions of people, forcing delays on what's expected to be the busiest air travel day ever in the U.S. In Buffalo, this jet sliding off an icy taxiway. The roof of this car nearly sheared off after crashing into a truck in icy conditions in niagara falls. Albany is in the bullseye of the storm, expecting more than a foot of snow. ABC's Stephanie Ramos is there. Reporter: Millions of people are expected to hit the roads today here in Albany, New York. Continue to worsen as roads ice over. Governor Cuomo placing the National Guard on standby as the storm moves through the northeast. Reporter: Heavy snow also blasting the upper midwest. In North Dakota, vehicles skidding off the highways. White-out conditions making it difficult for drivers to see. Snow plows struggling to keep roads clear. Extreme blizzard conditions in South Dakota. A plane carrying 12 people on a Thanksgiving hunting trip crashing shortly after takeoff, killing nine people including two prominent Idaho businessmen, two children and the pilot. This massive storm first hitting the west, a desperate search underway in Arizona for a little girl. She and her family swept away in a vehicle Friday by raging floodwaters. Two other children died. More than 20 inches of snow burying parts of Minnesota. Stranded cars littering the streets and highways. This truck skidding dangerously on the road. Airports across the country reporting more than 5,000 delays and more than 1,000 cancellations. Trouble getting to the airport. Alex Perez joins us now from Chicago's o'hare. Controlled chaos behind you. Alex, airlines are already offering passengers options? That's right, Tom. Airlines are issuing waivers for those who need to change their flights. Holiday traffic is letting up, but the headaches will linger. As the storm moves to the busy northeast corridor.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"A devastating snowstorm in the Northeast is expected to impact millions of travelers on the road while airports have hundreds of delays and cancellations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67424193","title":"Major storm causing treacherous travel conditions","url":"/WNT/video/major-storm-causing-treacherous-travel-conditions-67424193"}