Major Winter Storm on the Move

Dangerous weather plagues 12 states from New Mexico to Wisconsin; at least 9 people are dead.
2:28 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for Major Winter Storm on the Move
Next tonight, a major winter storm on the move. Winter weather alerts in 12 states. The dangerous weather taking at least nine lives. In Nebraska, a fiery collision on interstate 80. The drivers fortunately will be okay. In Oklahoma, an ice storm brought down this tree, smashing the truck below. Here's Adrienne Bankert. Reporter: Tonight, a dangerous sheet of ice coating the heartland. This semi bursting into flames after careening into another truck on I-80 in Nebraska. And in Kansas, this highway trooper swerving to avoid another semi, sliding out of control. Slick conditions in Kansas City, too. This car sliding at least 100 feet down the roadway. Other cars hitting that same patch of black ice. Car accidents killing at least nine since Friday. Across the southern plains, icy tree limbs snapping, knocking out power lines. Oh. The power just went out. Reporter: The ice up to half an inch thick. Enough to cripple neighborhoods like this one in Oklahoma. We pulled over. We wanted to show you just how icy it is. I have to hold on to the car handle, kind of slipping and sliding here. You can see it's solid ice. This Missouri delivery man, taking a tumble on a slippery sidewalk. Oh! Are you okay? Reporter: And at arrowhead stadium, Kansas City chiefs fans left waiting. Tonight's game delayed as crews work to scrape the stadium out from under frigid ice, frozen solid. And Tom, this freezing rain is expected to last into tonight, and increase into tomorrow morning. Meaning more ice, and the potential for more problems on the road. Adrienne, thank you. Let's turn to rob Marciano. Some dangerous images out there. Reporter: Certainly are, and this is day three of what for many will be a fourth day of freezing rain. The bulk of the freezing rain through Kansas and Nebraska, stretching through Missouri and Iowa, an ice storm warning through tomorrow. Strong thunderstorms through tex text. -- Texas. Moving north and east. Tomorrow, mixed precip, and snow across Delaware, another quarter to half an inch through Nebraska and Kansas. More dicey travel, maybe more trees down. These areas will be slow to warm up above freezing. Tom? Rob, thank you. And next to the incredible

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Dangerous weather plagues 12 states from New Mexico to Wisconsin; at least 9 people are dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44797750","title":"Major Winter Storm on the Move","url":"/WNT/video/major-winter-storm-move-44797750"}