Man Uses Dating Site to Get Back Stolen iPhone

Tanya Rivero tells the story of one man using the Internet to catch a thief.
2:20 | 01/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Uses Dating Site to Get Back Stolen iPhone
Reported here on world news on the spike in deaths of Smartphones in particular iphones even New York city's mayor Michael Bloomberg attributing the spike in crime in part to those -- -- Well tonight one iPhone owner who crafted his own staying. And it paid off here's ABC's Tanya Rivero. John -- -- -- left his iPhone four in a taxi on New Jersey side immediately used my friend's phone to call it -- Two -- going on but is immediately turned off. The Brooklyn musician becoming one of thousands falling prey to a growing crime wave sweeping the country dubbed apple picking. These -- of iphones and apple products caught on tape. Nearly 161000. Were reported stolen this year in the Big Apple keeping New York police busy. He just took out -- -- Apple products are total crime rate would be lower than it was last year but unlike most victims Nuremberg got a lucky break. The -- started sending messages from his -- using his online profile trolling for dates he was using my OK cupid -- -- like 6 AM to send messages to all these girls. Against police advice near Newburgh set up his own -- creating a phony profile with -- cleavage Baring photo plucked from the web my best version of talking as a girl and her flirting -- and say. Is adding -- he faced similar cons the thief took the bait writing you want to meet the Nuremberg replied yeah I kinda do. And when asked will you kissed me his coy response well I don't have a boyfriend. They made a plan to meet up at Nuremberg department. I confronted right here. And I put the twenty dollars in his -- defuse a situation as fast as possible but I had a hammer in my hand just in case. The -- handed over the phone took the money and ran he was dressed up with like a nice jacket and shirt and smelled like Colonia had a bottle -- in his hand. But authorities warned you not take it that far what you can do is download a three find my iPhone app. Which allows you to locate the phone if the GPS hasn't been disable -- David. A lot of these -- -- that they do do that. But at least it will allow you to -- all your personal information off the phone and find my iPhone app free and do it right away it's new you know the -- don't want absolutely but has -- -- too much homeland. He he was good but don't try -- at home.

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{"id":18141079,"title":"Man Uses Dating Site to Get Back Stolen iPhone","duration":"2:20","description":"Tanya Rivero tells the story of one man using the Internet to catch a thief.","url":"/WNT/video/man-dating-site-back-stolen-iphone-18141079","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}