Man Saves Friend With MRI Software

John Ippolito's testing of MRI software led to his friend's tumor diagnosis.
2:02 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Man Saves Friend With MRI Software
This is the story of a lucky guy with a bad back and a good friend. Who just happen to need -- Guinea pig to test some new MRI software. His of course we're not able to. Use a software impatience -- to -- test fanaticism and jump. Toledo is a lead -- I'm diagnostic imaging and Dallas he and Alex largest share of passion for old muscle cars -- boxing cards -- a car at. That's the Mary -- that's the number one thing. Toledo got his buddy you get an MRI scan -- his aching back. -- -- -- was in the two he also agreed to a brain scans help it Alito checkered new computer program. The image that appeared -- John of Toledo's breath away. Rabin on the right and -- about the size of golf ball I think it's John hit his fear from Alex that was the big. Calming point was you know. He's done this for so long he knows that you know this can happen that -- simply told Alex he saw something that a doctor needed to check out. Probably had it for several years at least. Neurosurgeons at medical city hospital Dallas -- the tumor was and usually easy to get out. -- removed it before it could damage the brain he's very lucky I think he knows his friend and nice dinner it's it's it's miraculous really. I mean it's only -- inscribed. This SA -- Shout out. -- much larger -- can't think his friend did not not just for the happenstance MRI but for keeping so call after such a devastating discovery. All the -- she when he alarmed Alex he was shaken up in fact so much though that about ten minutes after Alex left. John had his own brains -- in the MRI just to make sure everything's good. Did you get guy is different how -- is just as different to me. Designed to him. If there -- favored to be repaid Jon says friendship is payment enough how many times he say when your friends actress -- You know. -- Jim Douglas channel -- news.

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{"id":15473693,"title":"Man Saves Friend With MRI Software","duration":"2:02","description":"John Ippolito's testing of MRI software led to his friend's tumor diagnosis.","url":"/WNT/video/man-saves-friend-with-mri-software-15473693","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}