Marie Colvin, Journalist, Dies in Syrian Conflict

Reporter killed in President Bashir Assad's violent crackdown.
2:47 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Marie Colvin, Journalist, Dies in Syrian Conflict
Syria and a personal story that takes us inside the unfolding -- is there where today. President Bashar Assad intensified the assault on his own people more than seventy were killed. And one of them was trying to send the message out to all -- Voss. Here now someone who knew her ABC's global affairs anchor Christiane my mom -- The city of homes is ground zero for the Syrian army assault on the rebels. And he did exactly when the leak cold and -- felt that she needed to be. The best -- American -- reporter working for the London Sunday Times. Known for that I packed off to an injury covering another war a decade ago. Under cover of darkness Colvin got into homes climbing walls and -- through mud. So that she could show the world the lives behind those speeches that we've all seen. Anyone get on the street if they're not hit by itself their night their snipers people around. Although lumber on the -- building I think -- sickening thing is. The completely merciless -- Here's what she could not know if she broadcast live on CNN and the BBC last night. Was that one of those government shells hours from -- the building which she was staying home last report. -- watching a baby died from his shrapnel wounds. The doctors. That we we can't do anything and had left the babies are coming. In a desperate for breath -- That little baby probably will move more people to think what is going on and why is no -- -- in this murder. And that is -- Colvin went into war zones to build. Witness to suffering and injustice. There are reports today that Syria is using not just tanks but also the largest mortar shells -- I was with Marie in many war zones these -- with taking immediate last year just before interview with Moammar Gadhafi. All of her colleagues knew that would drove her to risk her life was the belief -- being dad telling the stories is the only way to get the world to act. -- anymore not just the excellence of aware of the importance of what she was covering. That the children dying the adults dying that journalists dying what is gonna gobble and I -- what actuality -- you know it's really difficult that's -- hamstrung so many people there's going to be a big meeting in two news in the US and many of its allies. -- hoping maybe to achieve some humanitarian aid. They don't even know who to arm in the opposition if they would give weapons that is difficult sell hard to keep watching and hearing things -- ingredients. --

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{"id":15770165,"title":"Marie Colvin, Journalist, Dies in Syrian Conflict","duration":"2:47","description":"Reporter killed in President Bashir Assad's violent crackdown.","url":"/WNT/video/marie-colvin-journalist-dies-syrian-conflict-president-assad-violent-crackdown-international-15770165","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}