Marine widow runs tribute for fallen pilot

Christina Kuss ran and finished the Marine Marathon for him.
1:49 | 10/22/17

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Transcript for Marine widow runs tribute for fallen pilot
Finally tonight, one widow's salute to the marine and pilot she lost. Rising to her feet in the name of love. At the Marine Corps marathon today, wives of the blue angels pulling off their own maneuver, finishing in formation to help a fellow wife. I feel exhausted, glad I'm done, and really, really, really accomplished. Reporter: That's Christina Kuss, her husband Jeff, the father of their two small children was a blue angels pilot. He died on June 2nd last year doing what he loved. An incident covered right here on "World news." A blue angels f-18, crashed near Nashville, at least one killed. The team was prepping for an air show this weekend. Reporter: Before the accident Christina says her husband had a challenge for her. Jeff and I had a conversation shortly before he passed about whether or not I would be interested in running the marine Corps marathon, and I initially said no. After he passed, I said, I think I'm going to go run the marine marathon for him. Reporter: Christina feels as if her husband guided her through the rigorous training. I have this thing where the number six pops up from time to time. It was pouring pretty hard one day, and I went underneath an awning, and pulled out my run tracker, and I was at mile 6.66, and I was like, hey, honey, still doing it, still running. Reporter: And that training paid off. Christina finished the race, and though her husband couldn't be there, she could still hear his voice. He's really stoked for me. Yeah, he'd call me hoss. Our congrats to Christina, and so many who ran for a special cause. Thanks so much for watching. I'm Tom llamas in New York. "Gma" first thing in the morning. And David Muir is right back here tomorrow night.

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{"id":50648678,"title":"Marine widow runs tribute for fallen pilot","duration":"1:49","description":"Christina Kuss ran and finished the Marine Marathon for him.","url":"/WNT/video/marine-widow-runs-tribute-fallen-pilot-50648678","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}