Marines Reinforce US Embassy in Baghdad

The State Department ordered a temporary evacuation of embassy employees as Jihadist fighters move closer to the capital.
2:56 | 06/15/14

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Transcript for Marines Reinforce US Embassy in Baghdad
here on a Sunday night. We begin with the fast-moving developments in Iraq. The U.S. Forces are on the way to beef up security at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. And help some of the staff there relocate. It comes tonight as we see the new and startling images here. The militants who have taken over several Iraqi cities. Posting picture of captured Iraqi soldiers being led away in plain clothes. The terrifying moments, marched into the field where they were targeted, believed to be shot. By members of the militant group. The Iraqi government pleaing with it's only people to fight back. The crowd of volunteers gathering to start the effort. Many of them boarding military trucks. There is concern that Baghdad could be next. What will the U.S. Do? We have team on the ground. We start with chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. Reporter: This is a city preparing for the worst. Building trenches, hoarding food, and taking up arms. With forces on the move to Baghdad, the state department is ordering the temporary evacuation of embassy employees here. An increase in security personnel. After a humiliating week of defeat, the Iraqi forces are striking back. From the air. Targeting at what the Iraqis call nests of terrorism. The helicopters launching powerful rockets at targets near the main road leading to Baghdad where the Jihadi fighters have left a trail of dead and wounded across a swath of Iraq, reaching 200 miles in a matter of days. Now the Jihadi fighters, just 60 miles outside of Baghdad, where today, a series of explosions rocked the city. Killing at least 15. A lot of fear here. A lot of fear. Reporter: Security forces here are mobilizing. Political and religious leaders calling for new recruits who are lining up in huge Numbers to join the fight. Are you ready to take up arms? Yes. Reporter: You would defend your city? Yes. Reporter: New recruits are mostly majority shia, from Baghdad and the south, pushing back against the extremist Sunni jihadist group. But the Iraqi forces, despite billions of U.S. Dollars to train and equip them, have limited capabilities. That's why tonight, three warships, including a U.S. Carrier bristling with missiles and packed with fighter jets, are deployed to the persian gulf. Airstrikes one of the many options president Obama said he is now considering. Whatever president Obama decides to do there is no one here who believes it will bring this conflict to an end anytime soon. David? Martha Raddatz on the ground there tonight.

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{"id":24150310,"title":"Marines Reinforce US Embassy in Baghdad","duration":"2:56","description":"The State Department ordered a temporary evacuation of embassy employees as Jihadist fighters move closer to the capital.","url":"/WNT/video/marines-reinforce-us-embassy-baghdad-24150310","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}