Marines Urinating Video Investigation

U.S. Marines seen desecrating bodies of Taliban fighters face possible charges.
1:44 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marines Urinating Video Investigation
So many Americans have served valiantly in Afghanistan and they too are learning tonight more about the four men. US Marines seen that disturbing video causing so much concerned. As they seem to desecrate the bodies of Taliban fighters. We are told these four Americans will likely be charged next week and could face jail time ABC's Martha Raddatz has the latest on who they are Martha. Diane we're finding out more about these Marines and it is disturbing. Two of the Marines were noncommissioned officers sergeants probably in their mid twenty's. After all their years of training they should have been the one saying this is wrong. The Marine Corps has now identified and interviewed all four Marines in the video. They are now looking for the marine who videotaped the scene and the person who posted the video to -- to. Aside from the criminal charges the Marines could face the Marine Corps will take a hard look at where leadership failed. When you're in -- combat zone the things that you've been trained while you're back stateside should not go away. And these -- -- snipers had had plenty of training on the laws of war and how to treat war dead. In boot camp again and infantry school and again before deployment. The Marines were in Afghanistan from last march through September. These are Marines from the same battalion on patrol last summer when the video was made. In its seven month deployment the battalion lost seven man. And Diana marine officer I spoke to tonight. Said about the training in the Marine Corps gives you really shouldn't even need a class to know this is wrong. Martha thanks so much reporting in tonight from Washington.

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{"id":15358371,"title":"Marines Urinating Video Investigation","duration":"1:44","description":"U.S. Marines seen desecrating bodies of Taliban fighters face possible charges.","url":"/WNT/video/marines-urinating-video-investigation-15358371","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}