Mark Kelly: Gabby's Resignation a 'Difficult Thing to Do'

Rep. Giffords' husband says "tough" decision was the right thing to do.
0:55 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Mark Kelly: Gabby's Resignation a 'Difficult Thing to Do'
How emotional -- that for -- to -- It was a tough decision you know and and over the last couple days. It was difficult to you know get back up here -- process she took her job very seriously worked incredibly hard. And you know this is. You know really devoted their constituents -- it was it was a typical thing to do but it was certainly the right decision. How long did it take her make this decision well you know I'd say over the you know past month or six weeks she came to realize. That she was not going to be in a position to run for re election. Have a goal had been -- ticket factory workers on election -- She was aware that that was gonna happen so she made. -- the tough decision but certainly the right thing to do to resign to allow somebody else -- -- why did she think she's not prevail around. This was she not able to speak well enough you know to number of things you know she knows in her heart that she's not ready. One of those things it is. You know the way she approached the job before by given 100% of herself and we cannot really early working throughout the day -- -- -- second she went to sleep at night. She doesn't have this damn attitude to do that now but also the ability to communicate with constituents. Is not Norton's that they went about her abilities in terms of thinking. Cognitive abilities gets really -- mean as far as I can tell seems to be -- 100%. So the thing she really struggles it's just the communication. -- the understanding of language. The transmission are actually getting the words yes I can only imagine her future huge frustrations. She couldn't reach this level that we running. For reelection to -- Yet here's why here's money that the people -- there -- a lot of tears on the Florida house district. And yet you know -- include snow. It's an emotional time it's sad but this not the end. This is an even the beginning of the end. But that this might be the and that it and it and am confident. She'll improve over time who knows a year two years from now. He will certainly return some form of public says she will I think -- -- run again. You know nationally I don't know we don't know when she -- She says she wants it back to work and she's gonna work really hard to get there as she says she wants running in 2000 -- Which she hasn't talked about. This an emotional thing you know she she loves you remember congress. That we care about people -- reference. So this is the just see the end of -- chapter. The final --

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{"id":15449525,"title":"Mark Kelly: Gabby's Resignation a 'Difficult Thing to Do'","duration":"0:55","description":"Rep. Giffords' husband says \"tough\" decision was the right thing to do.","url":"/WNT/video/mark-kelly-gabbys-resignation-difficult-thing-15449525","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}