Massive cleanup along the East Coast after deadly nor'easter

The storm affected millions of people from Virginia to Maine who now must brace themselves for another storm just days away.
2:38 | 03/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massive cleanup along the East Coast after deadly nor'easter
I'm Cecilia Vega in for Tom llamas. We begin tonight with that massive cleanup from that deadly r'easter and the millions just hit so hard, now bracing for another storm just days away. That huge nor'easter leaving its mark across so much of the eastern seaboard, millions affected from Virginia to Maine. Hundreds of thousands still without power. Hide tides and flooding in many states. This driver there losing controlling and ending up in that deep body of war. In hard-hit Massachusetts, a state of emergency, with more than a hundred rescues in quincy alone. With death toll climbing. A 6-year-old among the dead. ABC's gio Benitez leads us off. Reporter: Tonight, the massive nor'easter leaving homes and yards flooded in its wake and more than a million without power. Just hours ago, coastal communities hit by even more water. It's just about 12 noon, here in quincy, Massachusetts, and that means it's high tide. And just take a look at the incredible force of this storm, even as it leaves the area. Widespread flooding and power outages prompting a state of emergency in Massachusetts. The National Guard using rafts and front loaders to carry residents to safety. These rescuers needing scuba gear to pull this motorist from his car and back to dry land. More than 100 rescued in quincy alone. This family has lived here for a decade, they've NER seen anything quite like this. You don't wish this on anybody. Definitely not the greatest situation to be a part of. Reporter: Our team witnessing just how fast this storm moved in. This is the seawall here, look how close that water is getting now. Rain pouring down sideways, winds reaching up to 93 miles per hour. This incredible wind that you're seeing right now, this is actually coming off the ocean. The storm turning deadly. At least eight killed, all by falling trees. The three is pinned to a bunk bed. Reporter: Six-year-old Anthony Hamilton was asleep on the top bunk when the tree crashed through. Just a freak accident during the middle of the night that tk the baby from us. Reporter: Trees splitting homes from the mid-atlantic to New York. And pulling down powerlines. Those live wires sparking this fire in Pennsylvania. And gio Benitez joins us live from Boston, more than 24 hours since this nor'easter hit, and that high tide is still a worry for so many residents. Oh, absolutely, Cecilia. You saw how dangerous high tide was earlier, there's one more left and that really could lead to more coastal flooding. Once that's all done, that's when people will finally be able to start cleaning up. Cecilia. Okay, gio, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"The storm affected millions of people from Virginia to Maine who now must brace themselves for another storm just days away.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53492783","title":"Massive cleanup along the East Coast after deadly nor'easter","url":"/WNT/video/massive-cleanup-east-coast-deadly-noreaster-53492783"}