Massive Manhunt Underway for Orlando Cop Killer

Police are searching for Markeith Lloyd after he allegedly gunned down Officer Debra Clayton while she was pursuing him.
2:40 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massive Manhunt Underway for Orlando Cop Killer
Monday night, and we begin with the urgent scene unfolding in Orlando at this hour. Authorities say there is a desperate manhunt for a cop-killer. A veteran police officer, a mother, she was trying to apprehend him at a Walmart. Investigators say he shot and killed her. Master sergeant Debra Clayton, and her fellow officers standing in salute. We would learn a second officer was killed in the hunt. Tonight, the reward, a community on skedge and schools on lockdown. Eva pilgrim is on the scene. Reporter: Tonight a massive manhunt police going door to door at this apartment complex searching for the man they say gunned down one of Orlando's finest. We're gonna bring this dirt bag to justice. He's going to jail. Reporter: Just after 7:00am, master sergeant Debra Clayton, a 17-year veteran is on duty outside this Walmart. When someone alerts her that a wanted murder suspect, named markeith Lloyd is in the store. There was a short pursuit, and as soon as she said stop, he basically opened fire. He had a security vest on and everyth everything. The officer telling him to stop, he shot her and he took off running. It was unreal. We have one officer shot en route to ormc. Reporter: Clayton later dying at the hospital. The suspect getting away, firing on one deputy's car, carjacking another. Another deputy killed in motorcycle crash while searching for the suspect. Schools put on lockdown as S.W.A.T. Teams swarmed that apartment complex. Lloyd who was already wanted in the shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend last month posted this on Facebook 2 weeks earlier. Goals:to be on "America's most wanted." He needs to turn himself in now. Not tonight or tomorrow. Now. Reporter: She was a tireless advocate for her community. I have personally known Debra for 17 years. Debra Clayton is a hero, and she gave her life protecting the community that she loves. She will be deeply missed. And Eva pilgrim with us live tonight. Eva, I know authorities were asking the local news media not the carry aerial images as they were going door the door, and not to tip off this guy. In the meantime, they were asking the community for help? Reporter: Police want to find this guy. They are offering a $16,000 reward. He had a violent criminal history. Police want this guy off the streets, David. Eva pilgrim leads us off from Orlando. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Police are searching for Markeith Lloyd after he allegedly gunned down Officer Debra Clayton while she was pursuing him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44664404","title":"Massive Manhunt Underway for Orlando Cop Killer","url":"/WNT/video/massive-manhunt-underway-orlando-cop-killer-44664404"}