Massive Storm Hurricane Arthur Slams the East Coast

Evacuations, 90 mph winds and states of emergency are in progress as North Carolina suffers the brunt of the storm.
3:34 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for Massive Storm Hurricane Arthur Slams the East Coast
We come on the air in the west tonight millions of Americans are bracing for this hurricane Arthur rolling in -- tonight. You can see its ruling right here behind me and the winds now gusting up to ninety miles an hour more and this could very well become a category two hurricane before it's all over. This satellite image saying it all tonight the view from space churning off the Carolina's fourth of July celebrations canceled in so many cities and towns up and down the coast. And look at this the eye of the storm as seen from above a monster of a storm with -- very bad timing. And there's something else the team that no reminding us at least three storms 19962002. -- now 2014 all named Arthur all taking aim at North Carolina. Our extreme weather team is standing by tonight all along the coastline where those evacuations are under -- but let's get right to be relatives to -- tracking this every step of the way. She is the newest track coming in -- -- -- right now. The high of Arthur is passing just southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina so it's a big city we've got to talk about and the track it's going to take after this. With plenty of warm water still to feed on. We're going to see it strengthen and that's why it could become a category two as we go into the overnight hours passing by the outer banks rocketing through with those ninety mile per hour winds. Offshore of New Jersey and New York but still we'll spit out some reigning combined with a cold front. I wanted to point out to Massachusetts because part of the cape and Nantucket will have tropical storm warnings already do. Now drier air will be filtering in behind this cold front and that's it helps meet. That storm away but not before it hits with those high winds overnight nearly five inches of rain we've already seen tornado warnings. And we take it hour by hour -- -- you can plan your fourth of July look at Long Island covered in rain by Friday. And I've often 10 PM still many of rain up to New England plus those wearing out -- winds or better and much nicer weekend ahead. -- tropical storm warnings and of course the hurricane warnings anywhere from -- be. To Virginia Beach tonight aren't we are forewarned ginger -- -- -- you points -- -- king Arthur churning off the coast of Wilmington north Carolina at this very moment. There had been traffic jams in blinding rain to get through and that's where we fight ABC's backed up and tonight -- Good evening David Gardner is battling towards aired over the past hour or -- -- -- from a sunny day to -- the rain stinging the face. And that cold air being swept dating a roiling up all of those waves are ready twelve foot seas out there are going to get up to twentieth. As the night continues. Carolina coastline tonight -- It rained like -- Arthur storm clouds pour into right -- beach North Carolina. -- reflects the -- sky blanket and 35 miles out to -- Exist only ten story building -- -- it. Water sand picked up on the shorts. We drove across much of North Carolina today flames sometimes blind to seeing cars spun out and crashed on highways and roads in -- Good luck with cars -- away from the coast. This line stretches for miles down the road we're just starting to see -- people. Driving away from the coast and traffic already it's pretty bad. I think put aside and realize that. It's going to be a little clusters. With this storm bearing down some are boarding up. And many are heeding the governor's call for those areas that are not being evacuated please hunker down. As the lightning cracks overhead we were surprised to see earlier how many folks stayed around seemingly unaware that. A category one storm is battling for this very town possibly going to make its first landfall right here later tonight.

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{"id":24423480,"title":"Massive Storm Hurricane Arthur Slams the East Coast","duration":"3:34","description":"Evacuations, 90 mph winds and states of emergency are in progress as North Carolina suffers the brunt of the storm.","url":"/WNT/video/massive-storm-hurricane-arthur-slams-east-coast-24423480","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}