Massive storm sweeps across the country

The storm is making its way up the East Coast with at least 12 reported tornadoes and blizzard warnings.
2:32 | 04/14/18

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Transcript for Massive storm sweeps across the country
sweeping as untry from Texas to the east coast. Millions in its path. At least 12 reported tornadoes. Thisne in mountainburg, Arkansas, and blizzard warnings and whiteouts to north. Highways shut down and hundreds of flights grounded in esota. At Thi tornado that is still in place. Marcus Moore is intorm zone. Reporter: Spring Hitt hard. Mohan 250 reports of severe weather from Texas to Wisconsin. Holw. Reporter: At least reported tornadoes slamming uth, four them in Arkansas. Thighway nearlallowed outside of Fayetteville. Debris ricocheting off this shield. You can hear terror in the voicf this , blindsided by an apparent tornado. Seat belts saved their L. In mountainburg, mounds of ru wouse once too Opned the back doornd there was reaction and S winter isn't going quietly, up parts of South Dakota. Wind-driven wildfires rage across parts of Oklahoma. One dead and 1400 evacua another look at the devastation inart of arks, a 71-yead woman lived in T house just behind me, she took cover in the bathroom during the storm a is thankful to be ive. Thanks so much, Marcus. I want to bring in weather anchor Sam champion, you were tng me all those images, destruction, one storm on the move. Incredible, right, to think that's true, Tom, take a look atthat board everything you see going on the winds behind this storm. This storm moves east. It's massive.on the eascoast if Y haven't beenffected by this storm you will. There's that ice storm warning nearfalo, Tom, a Hinch rtice aroundhe great Lakes shore. Watch the temperatures. 66 in New York. This back-door cold frdrops that cold air from nng with tstas it moves east. Time it's 40 in new , 43 in philadelia. Washington substantially colder as well. Everybody else had Friday and sa we what we can get. Ch more ahd on "World news tonight" this

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{"id":54475646,"title":"Massive storm sweeps across the country","duration":"2:32","description":"The storm is making its way up the East Coast with at least 12 reported tornadoes and blizzard warnings. ","url":"/WNT/video/massive-storm-sweeps-country-54475646","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}