McDonald's Drops Large McMuffin Egg Supplier

Fast food chain fires Sparboe Farms following allegations of animal cruelty.
2:32 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for McDonald's Drops Large McMuffin Egg Supplier
And at a major development from McDonald's it is now dumping one of the companies that puts the egg. In the Ed -- -- it all follows an undercover investigation by our Brian Ross. To hear McDonald's to the source of bags for their hugely popular -- nick -- Is a pleasant barnyard where Hansbrough and freedom in -- reality is much different. Until today all of McDonald's say it's worth restaurants west of the Mississippi. Came from this huge closely guarded operation in unbiased marble -- the fifth largest egg producer in the country. A so called factory -- chickens -- -- six to a case barely able to turn around. Long defended as a process that turns out billions of cost efficient safe. They don't think these are -- crafts and but now in the wake of an ABC news investigation McDonald's has fired sparkle far. Society undercover bid made by an animal rights group mercy for animals. -- mindless animal cruelty most of which is too graphic to broadcast. And a highly critical inspection report from the food and drug administration's a company wide warning about unsanitary conditions. Including insects rodents and large numbers of dead birds that could lead to the spread of Salmonella. That's public health threat based on what we're seeing him and they're not in compliance with the law so the breaking the law. It's -- produces billions of -- in its facilities in three states and claims it has never discovered Salmonella in a single one of -- -- -- -- all around the world. This is state of the art. It comes to a production company took ABC news and a one hour guided to requiring all of us to Wear protective gear sanitation. But the company's planes have been undercut both the FDA inspection five difference -- locations and the dramatic undercover visit. Capturing scenes the company called aberrations. And the work of rogue employees who were fired. But neither the FDA -- mcdonalds bought that excuse and late today another major retailer target announced that it too. Discontinuing the use of all squabble -- products. The FDA has not issued a recall Alice marble -- but target said it was telling all of stores to remove sparkle eggs from its grocery shelves as soon as possible. -- you were telling me about the undercover operatives almost caught and Ryan's gonna have video of that in the special 20/20 -- later tonight. Right here on -- --

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Fast food chain fires Sparboe Farms following allegations of animal cruelty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14986800","title":"McDonald's Drops Large McMuffin Egg Supplier","url":"/WNT/video/mcdonalds-drops-large-mcmuffin-egg-supplier-14986800"}