Too Many Meds for Foster Kids?

Study: Govt. fails to oversee treatment of foster kids with mind-altering drugs.
3:00 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Too Many Meds for Foster Kids?
ABC news exclusive investigation and indictment of what the US government does to some of the most vulnerable children in this country. We have spent a year investigating a horrible secret. Tens of thousands of Foster care children even infants given powerful mind altering drugs that at times and doses and combinations. Considered too risky even for adults. And remember this statistic Foster children are given these potent drug that an alarming. Thirteen times the rate of other children. Tomorrow a government GAO report will paint a portrait of a grotesque failure to protect Foster children. But over the past years so many of them have come forward to us. To tell us about their lives young kids living sometimes as sleep walkers sometimes reeling out of control. Yeah battleground poll and and has four. Approved. Most -- -- adult. Or medication -- -- feel as if I had a thousand bricks on the -- they are tiny witnesses who came out of the shadows to tell and show wants the mountain. Potent drugs anti depressants anti psychotic drugs they were given in America's Foster care system tells -- is on the and keep in mind. These are vulnerable children who've already been dealt a hand from -- so many of them. Born into homes filled with neglect and abuse and bounced from Foster home to Foster home -- 28 homes. I felt sad because -- -- keep me reluctant. Consider the case -- seven year old -- taken from drug addicted mother just 43 pounds but given five mind altering drugs and the same time. The combination. That is deemed too risky even for adults. And Foster parents who want to help soon learn they don't give medications is child can be taken away. We were told to put our faith in the system and that's what we did no one -- the medications -- be -- problem they kept saying she needs more medications. Listen -- case one doctor a psychiatrist. Recognized the problem. And Brooke went from this being weaned off the strongest medications. Two -- no adult -- keeping them the drugs that that different writing certain things. Delaware senator Tom Carper is holding a congressional hearing tomorrow demanded changes in the Foster care system in this country. Parallel to the yearlong ABC news investigation the GAO report which found in some cases. Psychotropic drugs. Were given to infants. Even though there is no idea what the long term effects of these drugs could be on a child's developing brain. And the report found in five states alone out of 100000 Foster kids. 26000. Were on some form of psychotropic drugs how with -- happening when you don't have the time. The quick rush to judgment is the answer is a table Michael -- prominent child advocate says these children. Are issuing a cry for help when we read that Foster kids are medicated up to thirteen times more than other kids is that the cost their. They are more -- popular actually are troubled them. There's no question that Foster kids can be troubled very troubled. Given what they've gone through. The answer isn't always try to change their brain chemistry medications. That can keep a child from his life. Look at eleven year old -- -- prescribed twelve medications over the course of four years for conditions doctors now say. He didn't have -- I -- -- DNJ snotty I am not by the -- an off. This is footage of Chianti trying to come -- these medications. And this is Chianti today. -- honors classes at school. And not one prescription. And -- beyond imagining. He county has been adopted higher part of Champlain and access act to Brooke remember -- Sheet to have a permanent Tug on mom and dad. Are home yet you hugging your -- great. She attends an event horizon gets -- eager out. So who is responsible and by the way your tax -- dollars are paying for this Medicaid pays for these drugs. Well tomorrow I will question the federal drug administration -- off funds that goes out to track down doctors. Prescribing these medications.

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{"id":15060795,"title":"Too Many Meds for Foster Kids?","duration":"3:00","description":"Study: Govt. fails to oversee treatment of foster kids with mind-altering drugs.","url":"/WNT/video/meds-foster-kids-15060795","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}