National Memory Champ Teaches Total Recall

Learn skills to improve your memory from the National Memory Champion.
2:20 | 03/25/12

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Transcript for National Memory Champ Teaches Total Recall
We don't wanna maker memories a little sharper but it turns out he's just like us -- Nightline anchor Bill -- learn to do just what he does as the camera was rolling. They say dogs have a short term memory of about twenty seconds honestly minds -- Jack of spades check clubs. It is all the more humiliating because the guy sitting next to -- can memorize the order of an entire deck -- cards in 63 seconds. Just one of the skills that makes Nelson -- the reigning national memory champion you know. And here's the most amazing -- there is nothing extraordinary thing about his brain. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have a photographic memory naturally my memory is just average it all began when his grandmother got alzheimer's. And then he got scared. Searching for mental. -- on the Internet he stumbled into the world of memory competition and realize that all of these elite medical police are also ordinary people with ordinary brains but. They've all learned an ancient enemies and simple technique and what you haven't down he says that you -- might be able to memorize the zip codes of a few dozen complete strangers she was 07928. 02719. -- The key is to associated different mental images with Monday -- names or numbers. My zip code is one triple -- I would you lost that 100 to me is Frankenstein. And 07 is because James Bond so picture Frankenstein will support our team. And how do you associate that with I would stick -- -- you know very. You know news anchor hair not reflect the I would picture Frankenstein kind of inside of here you -- their -- -- -- -- So point taken let's get back to dog brain Oprah Winfrey giving me -- Ford for Steve. Just a few minutes after turning the face cards -- people be holed -- Jack of diamonds and a queen of diamonds group. And king of clubs and club there ago. At a bar who here is ABC news New York --

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{"id":15999852,"title":"National Memory Champ Teaches Total Recall","duration":"2:20","description":"Learn skills to improve your memory from the National Memory Champion.","url":"/WNT/video/memory-mind-brain-champ-recall-cards-numbers-skills-15999852","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}