Michael Cohen on Trump: 'Don't believe what he is saying'

The president's former personal lawyer gave his first interview since being sentenced to three years in a federal prison.
4:39 | 12/15/18

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Transcript for Michael Cohen on Trump: 'Don't believe what he is saying'
We begin with the a news exclusive. President trump's former personal lawyend fixer, sententohree years in federal prisons week breaking his lence. E O one with George nopoulos. Tonight, what Michael Cohen review awe George asks the present lying about alof this with breaking new from the whites gh Jonathan Karl lds us off. Reporter: In his first interview since being sentenced to tee years in deal prison, Michael Cohen is firmly disputinprump's allegaon that he is lying and simplyryto embarra the esident. First of all, it is absolutely not true. Doarrass the president he knows the truth. I know the truth. Eople knowhe truth. Under no circumstances do I wa ras the presi of the United States Merica. E truth is told the truth. I took responsibility for my actions. And instead of him king respoibility for hi Actis, what does he do? He attacks my family. Basically, hesays, H claim, you're lying about to protecyour wife, to protect your father in-law. Inaccurate. He knows truth, I know the truth. Others know the truth. And re is thtruth -- pple of the unistates of Erica, E the world don't believe WHE the man doesn't tell truth. And it sad that iuld take responsibility for hirty deeds.ep but just sterday,the presidt said iany law was broken it ishael Cohen ult, he's E I N directed him to do anything wrong. Whatever he did, he did on his own. 'S a lawyer. A er who repsents a lie is S to do the right G. Eporter: H saying ve clearly, that he never directed you to do anything wrote I don't think there is anybody that beliethat. First of all, in P organizaon was Nev done unless it was run through Mr. Trump. He directed mee the payments. He directed me to beco involved in these matters. Inclthe ones withmc which waal him and David pe avid pecker's counsel. I just revd the docunts in Der to protect him. I gave loyalty to, truthfully, someone serve loyalty. Reporter: He was trying to hide what you were doing, ec re Reporter:e knew it S wrong? Of co. Reporter: And he was doing that to his election You have to remember, at what INT in time that this matter came. Or so before T election. The Billy bush comments. So, he was veryonrned about how this would affect the election Reporter: The white Hou says Cohen isn admitted liar who can't be trusted -- after all, he ped ilty to lyg to congress. So why should weie now? That the nation that gave to the is credible and helpful. Sal amount information that they posses that corroborates the fact that I am telling the tru Theal counsel did say that you were doing your best to tell the about everything related to the investign, everythg reto Russia. Do you think president trump is telling the truth about ?O. Georgeph with Michael Cohen. I wantong in Jon Karl live T white house. We haven't heard from T pren regarding this new rview. He tweeted about the job he's been tg tofill. His chief of staff? Orter: That'sright. We have a ncting chi O staff. Mick Mulvaney. He's currentlyhe director the office of mann get. He comes to this job with Rea political experience.rs a a member of one. A fouin of the freedom caucus. E were several otheratterrued, including christie,ho pulled himself out of theunning earlier today. It's important to note he that Mulvaney will be the acting chief of staff. Ficials say he could be reached sometearly in the year. , If this work out, I'm told he C be named permanent chief of staff. Davi Thayou, N. We're following agerous stormys hitting tonight and

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"The president's former personal lawyer gave his first interview since being sentenced to three years in a federal prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59829402","title":"Michael Cohen on Trump: 'Don't believe what he is saying'","url":"/WNT/video/michael-cohen-trump-dont-59829402"}