Michael Jackson Death: Drug Addiction?

Defense team hopes argument will help Conrad Murray's case.
2:07 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Jackson Death: Drug Addiction?
Michael Jackson's medical records were front and center today in the California trial of his Doctor Conrad Murray. Intimate and raw they -- -- the pop stars painful and powerful addiction. Testimony that could help -- case. ABC's Jim -- has been on this case from day one. The Jackson family arrives in court today to -- devastating details about their most famous -- Michael Jackson's life again put on trial in the case of Conrad Murray. This time by two medical experts key to the defense. Doctors Robert Waldman an addiction specialist and Paul White the defense calls the father of Pope of fall. Waldman up first calling the pop star and out and out serious drug -- I believe there is evidence that He was dependent upon them wrong and that He was probably addicted to it -- -- Doctor Waldman came to that conclusion after looking at the medical records detailing Botox treatments from Michael Jackson's dermatologist doctor Arnold Klein. Records that show in the months before Jackson's death. Repeated large doses of -- -- -- for those simple procedures a dangerously addictive painkiller that would lead anyone near -- talks. I believe the patient would be. -- be -- -- Possibly difficult -- to -- routes. Possibly on responsive. And apt description of the Michael Jackson heard on tape in this trial. And during demo -- withdraw the patient suffers from acute insomnia. The defense says that's why Michael Jackson was so desperate for sleep. And over -- himself on pro football and yes -- -- doctor white the man who studies popularized pro football in the operating room took the stand late this afternoon. And immediately said the prosecution premise is scientifically impossible. Doses that He described. I would not have expected Michael Jackson to have died. And that is the crux of the defense case -- outlined by doctor white doctor Murray made mistakes but He did not give. Michael Jackson and -- -- -- the killing.

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{"id":14830621,"title":"Michael Jackson Death: Drug Addiction?","duration":"2:07","description":"Defense team hopes argument will help Conrad Murray's case.","url":"/WNT/video/michael-jackson-death-drug-addiction-14830621","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}