Michael Jackson Trial Closing Arguments

After six-week-long trial, the jury will decide Dr. Conrad Murray's fate.
5:05 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson Trial Closing Arguments
After six weeks and 49 witnesses it has come down to this the closing arguments in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial today both sides. Taking their last best shot on the key question before the jury. Who is responsible for the death of a star the man we all saw careen through the soaring heights and depths of celebrity. And as we all debate the trial evidence it's hard to remember the Michael Jackson perfected every move on stage here in his thirties. When walking at the 1995 and TV. The video music awards and sixteen years later. At fifty years old hoping to -- -- that old magic in the new concert tour as we saw in the documentary this is it. In rehearsal he was working for the old perfection the behind the scenes. Sounded terrified desperate and Medicaid it. -- -- -- -- -- And now in this moment two years four months and nine days after his death. ABC's Jim novel it gives us a summary of what the jurors must decide Jim good evening. Good evening -- on the jury must decide one simple question -- the mistakes and negligence of Conrad Murray kill Michael Jackson. Or as the defense contends that Michael Jackson kill Michael -- Michael Jackson's life was such a drug addled mess when he died. Today prosecutors had to find -- more sympathetic victim to fuel the jury's sense of justice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The opening the district attorneys to our closing argument for Michael's children in this case will go on forever because they do not. Have it fought. They do not have a father. Because of the actions. Of Conrad Murray. The prosecutor weaving a story of a Michael Jackson who wanted to clean up his life but on June 25 2009. A hired hand the 150000. Dollar a month Doctor Conrad Murray. -- Jackson and his dream. He hit the lottery. He was going to get 150000. Dollars a month Michael Jackson. Trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life. He paid. With his life. Doctor Murray's quote bizarre behavior. Mistakes and neglect. Delaying the 911 call for help district attorney Waldman said. Cause the singer's death what on -- would motivate a medical doctor to delay making that call. Rather than to protect himself -- -- -- -- -- first putting Michael Jackson. His life. -- for the defense lead attorney Ed -- went to the heart of their case yes Conrad Murray made mistakes he said. But it was not him that killed the drug addicted Michael Jackson. They want you to convict Doctor Murray. For the actions of Michael -- They just don't want help. The defense telling the jury Dr. Murray could be in trouble before the state medical board or in civil what he did not commit a crime. If it were anybody else but Michael. Anybody else. With this doctor be here today. The defense ending its argument by saying and reminding the jurors that while this is Los Angeles. This is not a reality TV show -- real lives hang in the balance and then -- turn up past for the jury to do quote the right thing. And find Conrad Murray not guilty Diane. Jim thanks so much and I would bring -- ABC's legal analyst Dan Abrams once again tonight. You're saying earlier this is an uphill battle for the doctor but even if the jury isn't convinced that he administered that last dose. He's in trouble. That's right at the judge issued a huge victory to the prosecutors telling the jurors in effect. Even if you think Michael Jackson may have administered that final -- you can still find him guilty if you think it was reasonably foreseeable. That -- could occur by beating him in the room alone. With the drugs. An African Union a drug within arm's length could still be a manslaughter charge involuntary manslaughter big fight by the way the defense was furious. When the judge agreed with the prosecutors to give that instruction -- said that the defense have anything out for. I think it's a human hope which is they have to -- hope that the jurors believe Michael Jackson may have administered the final dose but even have to hope. That they think this is a god who made mistakes but fundamentally care for Michael -- Was fundamentally good person who got caught up in a terrible -- all right Dan thanks much in the course. We will be watching as the jury. Goes out.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"After six-week-long trial, the jury will decide Dr. Conrad Murray's fate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14877846","title":"Michael Jackson Trial Closing Arguments","url":"/WNT/video/michael-jackson-trial-closing-arguments-14877846"}