Michael Jackson Trial: Conrad Murray in Tears

Ruby Moseley, 82, defends pop star's doctor on the witness stand.
2:28 | 10/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Jackson Trial: Conrad Murray in Tears
It was a day of emotion and drama and the trial of the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death one by one a parade of character witnesses took the stand. To give a different picture of the defendant in the one -- by the prosecutors. And Doctor Conrad Murray was in tears NBC's Jim Hoffa was in Los Angeles. She came to court on -- mission her best red satin blazers every hair in place Chanel style handbag in one hand. And -- in the other work. 82 year old ruby Mosul character witness friend and patient of Doctor Conrad Murray in the shining moment of his defense case so far. You did not see. A sign when He walked -- That's say pay at the time and services -- Use all the -- first. Testimony that made Conrad Murray cry. The jury soaked in and stop the judge in his track. Asks do you think doctor -- greedy that they don't yet know. If this man had been greedy skis -- If this man had been -- He never would have come. To an area 75%. Them pool. Ruby was the highlight of five character witnesses in a row each taking over where the other left off in their praises. For their doctor Mercury. That man sitting there that's doctor may have been too. I've gone to a lot of doctors I have never had adopted that was more care never. Conrad Murray had mixed success is a Houston in Las Vegas doctor before meeting Michael Jackson in Las Vegas a cardiologist not board certified. Born in Grenada raised in Trinidad medical degree from a hairy medical college in Nashville. Six children from six partners including two wives found not guilty of domestic abuse in 1994. But today the jury saw Conrad Murray who certainly would not put money ahead of his care for Michael Jackson as prosecutors allege. The prosecution has spent one month demonizing doctor -- -- have to do something anything to try to humanize him and return. What other significant development today outside the presence of the jury and away from cameras. The judge told. He alone has the right to decided to take the witness stand. Very said He understood -- rights -- attorney who said He will not testify.

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{"id":14822715,"title":"Michael Jackson Trial: Conrad Murray in Tears","duration":"2:28","description":"Ruby Moseley, 82, defends pop star's doctor on the witness stand.","url":"/WNT/video/michael-jackson-trial-conrad-murray-tears-14822715","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}